Friday, November 19, 2010

You learn something new every day

I have a piece of information for you courtesy of Adsense. Soda stream will save the planet. Yes folks, really it will, or at least it will help save the planet, but either way its fantastically environmentally friendly because you re-use all your bottles see?

Well, I don’t know how it is in the US, but in Europe and, to a certain extent, South Africa, most drinks bottles have a deposit on them and if you don’t return them to the shop to collect it, someone else will.

Recycling is becoming lucrative enough for people to have contracts that allow them to pick out recyclables at all the garbage tips, and guess what? Where there is lucre, even filthy lucre, there are takers!

Let’s assume that the US, poor thing, has not yet invented the deposit bottle or recycling – well then folks, you should thank Soda Stream every day for the fact that you have not disappeared under an avalanche of soft drink bottles.

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! The planet, or at least your continent, or if not your continent then the one next to it, is saved, or at least partially saved, thanks to Soda Stream!

You learn something new every day, don’t you?

Today's pic: one I took while saving the planet with recyclable bottles at the watering hole known as 'Zanzibar'.


  1. What a beautiful sky, Andrea, and I notice two suns! I knew there was something different about your continent. The USA is divided into 50 States and we each have our own laws, the connecting tissue being The Constitution. In Oregon, along the Pacific coast, the sane state
    north of California, we have recycled and had bottle deposit since 1964! We are pretty hip and with it.

  2. Yes. I know you guys have cool stuff like recycling even though you ride horses and wear funny hats, but the POINT is that Soda stream is guilty of 'Greenwashing' - false environmentally friendly marketing claims...

  3. Sorry, Andrea, I didn't miss your point. I have no idea what got into me!

  4. I always give my recyclables to the poor, because I'm a really "giving" bastard.

  5. I think the deposit was more common when glass bottles were standard. Nowadays we just throw them away and let the homeless collect them for the reward. Starting next year, our policy will change to filling them with depleted uranium and air-dropping them on South Africa.

  6. Ah shucks! You bring up yet another topic that I have strong feelings about yet cannot express them in any meaningful way(without fear of retribution by society at large).
    The market drives the product. My latest favorite are all the "green" bags sold in grocery stores, so we wasteful Americans will stop using plastic bags. Turns out, the green bags have lead in them. Save the environment, just don't let your toddler suck on the green bag.
    I figure we'll stop using plastic bags when the manufacturer stops producing them. Now that was simple, wasn't it?
    Honestly, I feel relatively hopeless about the whole issue. Until our population growth is managed, we don't have a chance.

  7. OR... what Grant said.

  8. Hello darlin....... Canada has been recycling bottles for years and years and years... in fact, you are not allowed to chuck them out... they are melted down and made into something else, even the labels! Good post...

    Awesome pic!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. I'm kind of a green person. But it's sad that in our area, there's no green trash cans.

    Go Soda Stream! :)

    Beautiful photo, MM!

  10. Stonepost: National Pride, and who shall blame you!

    Heff: Agh, you're a nice guy!

    Grant: Good idea! I always wanted to glow in the dark!

    PAMO: couldn't agree with you more. Pressure on the environment is caused by an overly high population level. This is not an opinion, its standard environmental management theory.

    AG: That rocks! Yes, as resources become increasingly scarce, people are becoming more sensible about re-using them. Good for you lot for taking the lead.

    Lancelonie: Chortle. Right - so at least Soda stream have got it right in SOME areas!