Monday, November 8, 2010

What I did on the weekend (in case anyone wants to know)

On Friday I went to have jelly smeared on my tummy and then licked off by a rather attractive lady. Grant: you’d have wanted pictures, but all I have to show for it are a few expensive snapshots of my inner workings which, by the way, seem to look as they ought (apart from the bit that doesn’t, but I already knew that).

So that was good and I was able to relax on the weekend.

The rock and rollization of my late mother’s possessions ensued. This car

does not rock. Verily, the miniature dog known as ‘Snowbeast’ hath more coolth than this compact car, but a Jolly Roger works wonders, and the Ka is now almost as cool as my rusted pickup.

The thing is, mum had a little pipe attached to the front of the car so that she knew where the front was. I also like knowing where it is, but the pirate flag gives it a better excuse for being there - other than 'I don't know where the front of my car is'.

Hamish got a new ball, and never have you seen such a happy dog or so much saliva.

Herewith also a picture of the old ball.

It's not much more than a week old. I think he’s realized that he’s not going to get more than one new ball a week, and is therefore sucking the ball rather than biting it in the hopes that it will last longer. It’s a good idea except that the ball makes a very sticky-sounding ‘splat’ when he drops it at your feet.

On Saturday morning, I got a real treat: I’ve never seen a real live spoonbill before, but there’s a pair hanging out at the farm dam outside my cottage, and while I was watching them, a brown-hooded kingfisher was doing incredible aerial dances over the water before plunging in.

The cat thought he was better-looking and I should be taking pictures of him instead, so I did that. Introducing Alex: lord of all he surveys.
I got some pictures of Gus cuddling the Snowbeast, but I’m saving them for purposes of blackmail. Oh, and this blue-grey shot over the bay: a bit of heaven.

Hope your weekend was a good 'un too


  1. That's a cute little car.

    And Hamish looks like a beast in that pic!

  2. Nice doggie, good boy! It is a nice thing to not see advertizements on your site and I read your blog mentioning that. I would like to see the latest models and inducements from South Africa but that is not the way it works. These ads get into my computer and try to sell me stuff I am already interested in, so I get hot babes from Russia and knock off viagra. I really must expand my interests!

  3. Gah !! - That's the ugliest little car I've ever seen !

  4. I love the car, I've never seen on like that but I think with the flag it's very cool.

    Where you live looks absolutely beautiful. Nice pics and nice post.

  5. How lovely to see your little slice of heaven! Perfect.
    Your fur family seems to be quite happy and adjusting. A testament to your loving care.

  6. Like the description of what I take to be an US. You are certainly a class of your own with the pirate flag which suits the vehicle. Very distinctive! The shot over the bay looks great even on a grey day.
    Weekends seem like 2 more days now that I have retired to the farm.

  7. Awesome photos, I love the ball... my pooch runs around with this squeaky mouse stuff animal for the last 3 years (oh yes, he has 18 other toys to chose from, but nope, it is the gummed to death mouse that has been patched and sewn a zillion times). It is so gross that I get the heebie jeebies every time I have to pick it up and throw it... eek!

  8. Cute car, the back wheels look so tiny. Hamish is such a ham. An obessive manic with his toy. The picture of the bay takes my breath away.

  9. I bought my dog an expensive rubber bone that claimed "lasts for up to ten years". The "up to" part was key - they didn't guarantee a minimum survival time. She had it reduced to rubber confetti in three days.

    Those spoonbills look tasty.

  10. Jay: He's the slime beast!

    Stonepost: Oh my. Thanks for the giggle! Oh dear oh dear! Re SA products: you're acquainted with the vuvuzela aren't you? It doesn't get any better than that! Blaaaaarrrtt!

    Heff: Yus, but she is a sweet goer

    TK: Its a ford Ka - won design awards and all sorts of things. American design still rocks (unless it got outsourced to India)

    PAMO: Tch! You're so supportive. I like your term: 'fur family'. They make me happy. I actually used to envy you for having pets!

    Chez: That's what it was, alright! You sound almost wistful about weekends only being two more days. Sigh. Perhaps I would too...

    AG: Ah! I see you know what I'm going through with the slime covered ball! Your story made me smile.

    CW: I'm afraid you're right. He IS obsessive about the ball, but it gives him so much pleasure... I can't deny him.

    Grant: 'Up to' is a tricky phrase as is 'Lifetime Guarantee' (yours or the products?)Your dawg sounds like a right hooligan - same as mine!