Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Imagine that!

I’ve always imagined that I am one of those people who is blessed with a good imagination, maybe even a great one, but I’m beginning to imagine that it mightn’t really be so.

Only today, I was trying to ‘think out of the box’ with ideas for presenting plants to retailers for Christmas. In the first place, I should probably have imagined that it was coming up for Christmas last month already.

As for out the box thinking, all I’ve come up with are curls of ribbon (it worked but cost a bit much), gift wrap (it worked, it cost less, but it’ll get ruined on the truck) and glitter glue. I’m happy with the glitter glue spots on the leaves of some plants, but it’s an idea I’ve seen elsewhere, so I can’t take credit for it.

My colleague says ‘You’re so creative!’ and I say ‘Thanks’ and feel like a fraud. It was fun and I got covered with glitter, but creative? Nah. Not really.

Then too, there’s my upcoming biopsy on the eighth. Everyone’s asking about it, and every time they do, I’m surprised and I say ‘Oh yes, that’s next week sometime, isn’t it?’ and they look all worried because they have better imaginations than I do.

I’m not even 100% sure what they’re going to do exactly. I googled it, but it looked like something I don’t want to know, so I gave up trying to find out and adopted a ‘sufficient unto the day the evil thereof’ attitude. See what I mean? No imagination to speak of. It makes me so ruddy insensitive!

Mind you, I’ve got this image of myself with my legs hooked over my ears while my insides get inspected with something resembling an old-fashioned brass telescope. I’m ever so glad they’ll put me under for that!

I mean... I mean... it might be amusing to hear the doc call out ‘Ovaries on the starboard bow!’ but when he attacks my cervix crying out ‘Have at thee’ or something as close as one can get to that while having a scalpel clutched between one’s teeth (‘Agg at eee’?), I’d be standing by to repel boarders, and that’s no lie.

But I digress. I was saying, and still maintain that I lack imagination. Tch!

Today's pic is purely imaginary. I didn't post one at all. You're pretty darn good aren't you?


  1. How about colorful signs that say "Buy my plants or I kill you". With glitter.

  2. A beautiful, wondrous imagination you have, my dear friend. You are glorious with words and ideas. Your creativity abounds.
    Your upcoming procedure sounds unimaginative, as it should be. You are in my thoughts daily.

    I am taking a blog break through December, but I will be by to check in on you. Keep creating! You are a gifted artist.

  3. Just don't let him "shiver your timbers" !

  4. Andrea, why do you always make me laugh? It's the sailing analogy and I am thinking "the man in the boat"! You will sleep through the entire experience and have no more stories to tell. Wake up cured and well, damnit!

  5. Oh Andrea... you are one funny chickalet... seriously though, i do hope your biopsy comes back crystal clear with no worries for you.

  6. No way do you lack imagination! We see it in every photo you post and in every blog. You're in our thoughts--legs hooked over ears. Be well.

  7. Oh, you are most definitely creative!! I can't even imagine coming up with topics to write about as often as you do, and you do it with such wit and humor! One of the reasons my posts have been so infrequent lately is because I feel overwhelmed when it comes to writing something to go with my sketches! You are way up on that creative scale!

    Wishing you well!!