Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The mutterer lives

At least, the mutterer is beginning to live in the fullest sense of the word once again.

I've had a beastly two years, but things are (dare I say it?) looking up. I'm afraid that after my mum, my ex husband his mother and my best friend didn't survive my attempts at nursing, but I promise I didn't operate on anyone with a steak knife.

Once everyone was safely out of the way and knocking on the pearly gates, I proceeded to have a minor breakdown, which is what I wanted to do before but didn't have time for. It wasn't picturesque or interesting or even particularly dramatic. I wish I could do something dramatic, but it seems to be beyond my capabilities.

I am now fully recovered (thanks to happy pills) and believe I'm on the road to better things thanks to quitting my job - too bad they wanted nine months' notice. I am currently entering the second trimester of my notice period. 'Tis a long time to spend in labor before anything is likely to happen.

Anyway, on a lighter note: all is well and the funny bone is starting to tingle again, so perhaps I'll start finding life to be the funny thing it really is really soon.

I miss blogging.