Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The mutterer lives

At least, the mutterer is beginning to live in the fullest sense of the word once again.

I've had a beastly two years, but things are (dare I say it?) looking up. I'm afraid that after my mum, my ex husband his mother and my best friend didn't survive my attempts at nursing, but I promise I didn't operate on anyone with a steak knife.

Once everyone was safely out of the way and knocking on the pearly gates, I proceeded to have a minor breakdown, which is what I wanted to do before but didn't have time for. It wasn't picturesque or interesting or even particularly dramatic. I wish I could do something dramatic, but it seems to be beyond my capabilities.

I am now fully recovered (thanks to happy pills) and believe I'm on the road to better things thanks to quitting my job - too bad they wanted nine months' notice. I am currently entering the second trimester of my notice period. 'Tis a long time to spend in labor before anything is likely to happen.

Anyway, on a lighter note: all is well and the funny bone is starting to tingle again, so perhaps I'll start finding life to be the funny thing it really is really soon.

I miss blogging.


  1. Man o man have I ever missed YOU! Seriously, this blogging world was not the same without you, your pithy comments, nice writing style and descriptive boutique. Glad you got them all on their way and you can be you again. Welcome back!

  2. Yes--welcome back. I'm glad that funnybone is beginning to tingle.

  3. If you're finding life funny again then there's hope. I've figured that humour, it's possession and appreciation, is the barometer of our well-being, both spiritual and emotional. When it's gone, perspective (which underlies it) has gone too.

    There's something absurd about our lives and the way we conduct ourselves on a daily basis, don't you think? So we really ought to break this culture of seriousness, and do things apropos of nothing.

    * drops trousers, wiggles finely sculpted arse, and whistles the melody (or what there is of it) of Wild Thing by The Troggs *

    I'm glad you're feeling better.

  4. Every once in a great while I check out your blog to see if you are still among us. I wish I had checked it out sooner, as I missed this post and there have been no more. I am glad that you are okay amid all the heartache, and maybe someday you will see this reply. Miss you much. Yvonne