Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never Give Up - profile of a sucker

I seem to be exhorting people to do this and that of late, so here's a motivational, self-improvement post for y'all. Floats up to pulpit looking saintly. Clears throat. Commences:

At work, we’re having weekly sessions with a motivational speaker. Her series of talks is entitled ‘Profile of a Champion’, but I can’t help thinking that it might just as well be called ‘Profile of a Sucker’.

Do I sound negative? A stick in the mud? A Misery Martha? Let’s look into this.

The worst thing about this speaker is her motto: ‘Never give up’. Sorry, but sometimes quitting takes guts. Sometimes it’s the only way to rescue yourself from being the victim of your own choices – both professionally and personally. Sometimes, quitting is the only positive step worth taking.

She advocates pouring out all your energy – even the reserves you didn’t know you had. Pour it into your work, pour it into your relationships. Give till it hurts!

Sorry, no. I’ve poured all I have and sometimes more than I knew I had into situations, and do you know what? It becomes the new norm: what people expect of you, so you keep on looking for a little more of yourself to give, and a little more until the situation devours you, and there’s nothing left to feed the thankless void - the bottomless pit that can never be filled.

‘A fig for that’ say I! Give as much as you’re willing to give – keep trying as long as trying yields some sort of positive result – and when it doesn’t? Quit. Quit and be proud of quitting! Ring the changes! Take charge! Now there’s powerful motivation!

So to all the quitters out there: respect. I know how hard it was. You drew the line.You rock!

Today's pic: A cat called 'lulucifer' since I'm playing devil's advocate.


  1. I've been there and totally agree with you. Great post.

  2. hmmmmmmmmm..... now here I thought that it was "survival of the fittest"... so how would you survive if you depleted every part of yourself and gave it away. Go tell that woman to suck on a banana!

  3. I WILL NEVER QUIT! People told me I couldn't become the world's first sumo wrestler / ballerina, and so far they've all guessed right, but I'm sure my physical prowess and fatness will grow with age as my illness progresses. :p

    Yeah, I hate unrealistic motivational speakers too. They're not playing in the same reality I am.

  4. I've never heard of "Misery Martha", but she sounds cool, lol !

  5. If you just tried harder MM, I'm sure you could overcome all of this negativity that causes you to want to quit.
    NAH- Just kidding! You ROCK! You can come give me a speech ANY DAY OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!
    I'm with Grant. The unrealistic motivational speaker is an idiot.

  6. Pamo is so cool, she sent me your blog and I have enjoyed all your well-written and witty posts! Sorry about this "gift" of cancer, but always remember you have it, it doesn't have you! and laugh...a lot! and get rid of the mirrors! jerry

  7. Can you believe I had over 1,100 visitors that read today's article, Don't Tickle This Elmo -- You'll Regret It Or A Full Moon You Don't Want To See? Where were you? Just kidding. You were first!

  8. Guess I feel I have spent my life pouring energy into doing for others. Maybe I would have been the beneficiary had I 'given up'
    Well said!

  9. Great post as always. And of course your right. Sounds like the person that gave the original speech hasn't experienced enough to know when enough is enough.

  10. Hello! Thanks all for commenting - looks like we agree that 'positivity' can be overdone! Except for Grant. Yes, well. I wish you luck with that ambition. I want pics!
    Stonepost: a special welcome! I've already had a look at your blog, and I feel I'll draw inspiration from you!