Monday, November 22, 2010

The good weekend

Ok, so I’m writing this just to brag and make everyone envious, but ‘tis a tale that has to be told.

First of all, imagine camping out here

Now imagine that after preparing dinner at this fantastic fire place

You go sailing about on a double inflatable camping mattress all night long under the moonlight.

Then, when you’re properly tired, you moor the mattress here

and have a nap until dawn on water that is as smooth and clear as glass.

Cost: R80 for the bush camp and R200 for the mattress and a pump to blow it up with - a total of just over 40 dollars. Verily, the best things in life are not expensive.


  1. It is beautiful, Andrea, but forty dollars?
    to go camping? Surely that is unconstitutional?
    Is that a latte on the hearth? Maybe the firewood is provided and they show John Wayne movies in the evenings? No, think AFRICA! It's got to be dangerous! Even in Oregon we have bears and cougers but unimproved camping is free and with showers (hot at that!) is only $10.

  2. Yus, but I'm counting the transport of delight (the inflatable bed) - and there IS space to sleep under roof - I just chose not to. The camping alone would be about eight dollars at a guess. Oh, and there are showers too, but its so much nicer to get clean by swimming in the lake.

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  4. I stayed indoors with the beer and video games. I win.

  5. No N-V here. I HATE to camp, but that firepit looks AWESOME !

  6. HOLY COW.... so weird... perhaps I should take Anne-Marie with a dash off my blog roll or maybe I should let her know... I am confused, it does sound like they are talking about her blog, when did you get the message when you were coming onto my blog or when you were checking out blogs off my blog roll? Could you email me and let me know when you have a momento at

    Thanks sweetie for alerting me to this!

    Cheers Tracy

  7. Thanx for making me feel bad. Do you know what I have to compare that to? Concrete walls. Thanx I'm now depressed.

  8. Very beautiful! I can tell how much you love being outdoors and in the heart of nature.

    Years ago I was quite the camper. I wouldn't do it now if you paid me.

    $40 is a STEAL!! Glad you had a great time.

  9. Grant: I had beer so at least I come in second?

    Heff: the fire pit is GREAT. You can smoke a joint of meat up the chimney (other joints are smoked anywhere) and rake coals out on either side to cook.

    AG: You got mail!

    Israel: I'm a beast, I know!

    PAMO: The best bit was sailing around under the moonlight. I dreamed of it at 14 and experienced it at 41!

  10. Tears hair out. Weeps. Gnashes teeth. No fair. No fair. I pay large sums of money going to places not half as impressive as your splendid land.