Monday, June 21, 2010

South East of West and West of East

Pamo remarked on the landscape photos I sometimes post, so I thought I’d depart from my usual incisive commentary on nothing-in-particular and play tour guide today instead.

Lots of people think that Cape Town is the Southern-most part of Africa. Go on, admit it: you did, didn’t you? It is, in fact slightly to the West, and the area that I live in is known as the Southern Cape, with Cape Aughulas being the Southern-most point of Africa.

The province is known as the Western Cape, so I live in the south-eastern area of the Western Cape, just West of the Eastern Cape province. Are you getting all this down? Don’t get lost or you’ll end up in Australia.

The ‘Garden Route’ (another name for the Southern Cape which is in the Western Cape, but only West in that it is West of the Eastern Cape), named for its garden-like beauty, is rather sparsely populated and George (my nearest town) is the largest in the area. Town, though good for shopping, is probably the least interesting of the things to be seen here. The best thing is space, tons of space and unspoiled, uncrowded natural beauty at every turn. (no silly, not me, although I’m pretty gorgeous, really).

For veracity's sake, I haven't posted any picture taken more than 20km from home. Innit luvverly?


  1. My mouth is still agape- hanging on the floor! Seriously- I'm in AWE of the beauty of your country. WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!! Your photos could easily be in any National Geographic- you have the "eye" my dear artist friend.
    I'm envious of the beauty you see every single day- it's obvious that you appreciate and thrive in your environment.
    OK- I admit- I got a little lost in the whole east, west, south thing- and I got a giggle too. Mouth- still gaping....

  2. That is really beautiful scenery.

    I think you succeeded in making it very hard for me to stalk you with your "south and east and west" stuff though. LOL ;-)

  3. I never really thought about it before but I guess when I think about South Africa it is Sun City (I won't play),waters infested with sharks just waiting for surfers to eat & the scary inner city. So it was nice to see these pics, do you have a Flickr where you post your pics or something like that? I'd like to see some more.

  4. Thanks everyone. I'll admit, I'm so proud of the place you'd swear I actually created it. Plenty of nice scenery posted at ... oh hell, not sure how to get a link in here... it won't paste. Aaagh! Just Gurgle 'Fotothing Depicture' and you'll find it.