Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Innit deep?

You know what? I’m thinking that people can be good sometimes. This is the thought of a lapsed cynic who used to be lapsed idealist and is now neither extreme.

I assume (correctly, it turns out) that somewhere in the world, people are being horrible to their fellow-creatures and that it happens a lot.

At the same time, people (not necessarily the same ones) are very good in big or small ways: they do things they don’t have to do and make the world happier for it. I like that. I want to do it too.

However: if it means I have to be a little ray of sunshine all the time I shall make myself ill, I know it. One can have too much sweetness. Besides: I can’t do it. Not all the time. So there.

So I return to considering myself and my fellow-man (a pursuit that is both elevating and depressing) and conclude that everybody is more-or-less of anything, even if those things are contradictory, only some more than most, but never absolutely anything, just relatively so and sometimes extremely, only that’s rare, because its... well… extreme.

Innit deep?

** Today's pic: another view from the cottage where I construct these convoluted sentences. What it is to be an intrepid and adventurous photographer!


  1. What I like the most about you is that I think I know your through your writing. You aren't always in your face, you aren't always nice, you aren't ALWAYS anything- which in my view makes you real. Authentic. Rare.
    If you ever write a memoir- I'd buy it. I'll pre-order now.
    I have a blog recommendation for you: http://www.notelling.net/ She's quite entertaining- although I personally find you more relate-able. Which is interesting to me because YOU live on the other side of the world. Hmmm?

  2. All right. I think I'm becoming addicted to your blog. Maybe it's just because Pamo and I have the same tall, short, dark-haired, bottle-blonde mother. Anyway, this reminds me of a short story I read once where you (the reader) follow this man going about doing the most extraordinarily kind deeds all day. He comes home and tells all of this to his wife. She then recites all of the absolutely mean and horrible things she did to everyone during her day. They end the conversation by saying they looked forward to the next day when he would do the bad things and she would do the good!

    I am in love with the last sentence of your post as I am with all great writing.

  3. In order to maintain balance in the universe, every time you do something good, I personally will step on a chipmunk.

  4. I think people in Las Vegas are not necessarily bad they're just too apathetic to care about any thing besides themselves which might actually be worse than being a bad person.

  5. Pamo, Dan, I can see that you were separated at birth! I'm surprised at how much interpersonal 'connection' this blogging game brings about: I'm ettling to see what everyone's been doing and saying every day.

    I get to like the people: Pamo, I wonder if I can also be part of your extended family, it'd be an honour! Then Dan can be my 'brother too'. I assure you, my mum was very small, but on the occasions she wore heels, she was quite tall!

    Grant: I've got this terrible Chip and Dale type sound effect in my head. Squashing is rather radical and cuts it off too quickly, can't you kick them over a cliff instead?

    Karl, so true that excessive selfishness causes a sort of extended, low-grade nastiness, even when its trivial!

    Thanks all for your thoughts.