Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bumptious Baboons

They say that fools rush in where angels fear to tread, well, it certainly was foolish to walk towards such a large troupe of baboons, but I trod quite slowly and believe me, I was scared, so I conclude that I'm an angel after all and should probably do something about that.

They were all over one of my fields, and I know they're munching water lily bulbs as if it were every feast day in the year rolled into one. They're 'my' bulbs, so I strolled toward them, and they, not wanting trouble, moved away towards the dam and the neighboring meadow.

You may think a baboon is small, but he isn't really. He's also very powerful and has awful fangs. Sometimes, it can be fun to watch them from a distance, but distance is a good thing to maintain.

They're so like people, apart from the fangs and the fur and the tails and... alright then, they're so like people in their behavior, that its frightening. Mind you, I know some people who are so like them in their behavior that they're almost indistinguishable from baboons. Now that's frightening.

On a totally different subject: I have a pimple therefore I am.


  1. I'll bet they're tasty with the right seasoning.

  2. You have brass balls, Dree! I'd have wished 'em bon appetit and stayed the hell away. If you start doing that shit to frickin' BEARS, it was nice knowing ya...

  3. If you've ever smelled a dead baboon, you wouldn't consider eating one. They're vicious enough, Ern, so I wouldn't have gone too near.