Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies

Won’t any of you follow my bog? I see I’ve got a grand total of five ‘followers’ now, but oh horrors! With fame comes notoriety, because they’re all fellas, oh dear! Some of them are so good looking, too (yes you, the silent one with the kitty cat face). What will people think?

Ladies: I assure you, I have not had verbal interc… I mean… ‘talked’ to any of them, other than in bloggese, which is generally politer than the mail I sent you, Ern (oops, yes, well I have written him a few mails, but I’m strong medicine, and the chap can’t take it. No worries, not everyone can: my metal is brutal.)

Thing is, having begun to blog, and coming to the party late (which I usually do) I have been in search of interesting blogs to read. Its no easy task, but I’ve found occasional gems. When I see something I like, I comment, and if I think I’d like to know what’s new, I ‘follow’, sometimes publicly, but more often anonymously.

People, being courteous and curious, and having noticed my comments, visit my blog. Presumably those who like it enough to want to know what I’m muttering about and when, ‘follow’, and voila! Followers! Now the point (yes there is one, really there is) is that I’ve found interesting blogs that are written by women: but… but…. The very best ones hardly blog at all any more (no updates, I’ve been following).

Admittedly, I’m a bit picky and weird and proud of it too so I avoid: religious blogs (I might offend or be annoyed), mommy blogs (probably ditto), family-of-however-may-it-is blogs (horrors!), cooking blogs (I cook to eat now that I’ve got a stove, and it helps if its nice, but I get bored talking about it), tatting blogs (What? Tatting? Me?), ditto crocheting blogs, knitting blogs, sewing blogs, fashion blogs, home renovating blogs and so on.

I’m cautious about commenting on any blogs which seem to be written by people who might take my opinions amiss. I don’t want to offend anyone, and to some, my opinions might be offensive. Visiting my blog to see who the person who commented is, might come as a shock, and I’ve no wish to shock.

Of course, I haven’t written anything particularly offensive (yet), and I haven’t used any strong language (but you never know). I’m writing this in the hopes that my bemoaning the lack of interesting female bloggers who actually post fairly regularly will herald me finding a trove of them. Its called ‘tempting fate’.

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  1. Oh sod, I lost one already: Cheers Ern. Oh, and I was wrong about finding good 'lady blogs' today. Fate, it seems, will simply not be tempted.