Monday, June 21, 2010

LOLling around

When first I communicated by means of the electrical, steam-age internet with the aid of Email, I was startled by a most peculiar acronym. I wasn’t sure if it was an acronym either, because some people did it in lower-case letters.

I received a message from a friend: a joke forwarded to me and bearing only the letters ‘LOL’.

I wrote back. ‘What is ‘LOL?’’

No reply.

This happened several times with messages involving different people and yielded the same result. While these people were all ROFLing so much at me not knowing what ‘LOL’ was that they couldn’t type, or possibly, assuming I didn’t get the joke (sacrilege!), someone explained.

It was disappointing. I’d been most curious, and now I knew, and it was… well, I’ll be honest with you, not very interesting. I don’t really like ‘LOL’: its so… so.. suppressed and so… automatic? Besides, it reminds me that lolling about is bad for one’s posture, and one should sit up straight or get backache. Maybe its just me.

I’ve since met with a few other ‘laugh’ acronyms, but I think that I can contribute to the lexicon of laughs abbreviated. How about GGL (Giggle) or TTR (Titter) or even SNGR (snigger)? They’d be a lot more expressive of some of the stuff currently designated ‘LOL’. A sort of ‘You’ll find this mildly amusing’ indicator.

On the other end of the scale, how about GFW (guffaw)? There never was a heartier laugh, and whatever its attached to had better be good, you hear?

So I ask you, if you are reading this: Let us join in a conspiracy to increase laughter, the means and methods of it and the way in which it is expressed, even in text. Only think: how we shall mystify the masses to start with! Your friends will write: ‘What is GGL?’ and you may reply, or not… as you choose.

Once again, this pic has nothing to do with the post. Tch! What's to be done with me?


  1. I have now read your entire journal. A very good read, I might add. Regarding this post: people have started saying "lol" in actual conversation. I think they think they're being ironic, but it's a little worrying all the same.

  2. LOL!!! Truth is- I've often felt the same way about this strange acronym- even though I use it to let people know I'm smiling or whatever. But when I write LOL- I think- they don't know how I'm smiling or what I'm smiling about- that I'm really not laughing (because I rarely laugh), that I'm just being pleasant and agreeable. When in all honesty- I really may be GGL or GFW (most likely) and SNGR (most definitely). So I'm in BFF- let's start the revolution! LOL LOL LOL. OK- it might take me awhile- but I'm still in....

  3. I also had to ask what LOL was & the person thought I was crazy. GGL that is short for GG Allin the poop throwing punk rock guy. It's funny my daughter & her friends will talk in "text" & say things like "omg" even though it takes the same amount of time to say Oh My God!

  4. Thanks for taking the time 'pure tones' and PAMO. I swear your comments make blogging worth while. Can I be your BFF? Really? Bliss!
    Oh Karl! I promise I won't GGL at you, then!

  5. I heard this great speech where a guy had been talking about losing the gift of talking to his young teenaged son until he spoke to him by chatting on the internet. Many of the son's messages ended LOL. Dad assumed this meant "Lots of Love". He was so touched. Eventually, one day, he sent an e-mail to a relative about the loss of a loved one and ended the message with LOL. Then he found out that day what LOL meant in a hilarious exchange with his son, when his son finally asked, "Dad, just what do you think LOL means?!" So, welcome to the computer age. SNGR.

  6. Oh dear, oh dear! Thanks for sharing that story and for welcoming me to the steam.. I mean.. 'the computer' age.