Saturday, June 19, 2010 off!

I'm one of those people who can't resit reading everything. I read the back of shampoo bottles (including the instructions for use), I read signboards and adverts - the lot. I love reading the chinese - english instructions for use on things, and I adore the warnings and disclaimers that get printed on packaging.

I recently bought myself a kite, for instance. Did you know that kites are potential choking hazards? I was careful to fly it with my mouth closed. Oh, and my plastic kettle should not be placed on the stove. Just as well they told me.

I think the best shop in my town is the 'Frozen Fairy Factory shop' - what an image that name conjours - and in Copenhagen there's a hairdressers' salon called 'Nasty and Gross'. What a wonderful world!

One of the chief hazards of being such a compulsive reader, is reading things too fast, or mentaly filling in gaps in the text. Only this morning, I beheld a partly obscured advertising hoarding that read : ' off!' from where I was standing. I did a double take - wouldn't you? But on inspection from another angle, it was just another football-themed ad with the slogan 'Kick off!'. Rather dissapointing, really.

Today's pic: snow on the Swartberg. Yes, I know: it has nothing to do with this post.


  1. I like to give those plastic produce bags to children & tell them they are toys. Probably not a good idea to wrap the kite string around ones neck, ha! reading rules! I constantly have to reread things because sometimes it becomes a blur

  2. Try reading bumper stickers on cars. They are just as entertaining.

  3. When you work with the public- it becomes clear why such warnings are "necessary"- I'll leave it at that. Now I must off.

  4. Oh- ANOTHER GORGEOUS PHOTO!! It would make a beautiful painting too. You must live in a lovely area.