Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sex! Sex! Sex! (this is known as sensationalism)

Blogger Julius recently wrote of the sexual double standard that is still common, even in today’s world. I refer, of course, to the idea that men are admired for the same sort of sexual behavior that women are despised for. There is, for instance, no such thing as a male slut. The only word with a negative connotation used for describing a promiscuous male is ‘Lothario’ at least as far as I can remember, and that isn’t in common usage.

There's also the silly idea that women who enjoy sex are likely to 'do it' with just anyone. One has to admit that B is unlikely to happen without A in this case, but it doesn't necessarily follow that A implies B. I was reminded of a rhyme I wrote some time back. Its recipient wasn’t as amused as he was supposed to be, but perhaps it’ll raise a smile here:

If you would have a man believe that he can really trust you

Then cross your legs and look resigned, and say 'Oh darling, must you?'

If you would have a man believe you affections are secure

Then pull a face and say 'Try that? I never would, I'm sure!'

'Desire? You must be joking man!' and 'Fantasies? Not I!'

'It is with great long-suffering if with you I choose to lie.'

'My favours are just that, you see. It never is a pleasure.'

'I'd rather have a cup of tea if I had the leasure.'

And so your love will be amazed, think you a lady fine.

So virtuous and upstanding! She really must be mine!

But if you would lead him to believe you really are a tease

And that you'd sleep with anyone, than only say 'Yes please!'

On a totally unrelated subject: five hundred penguins died of cold off the Cape coast this week. I kid you not.

Todays' pic: Ah yes, a pussy.


  1. I laughed out loud!!! I know the double standard well thanks to my dear ole Dad.
    That's too sad about the penguins. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around you being in winter- that my egocentricity I'm sure.
    Lovely Kitty (I'm still a prud- can't write Pussy to save my life.)

  2. Isn't it TRAGIC that in this day and age we've still got to play these stupid gender games?
    I've just written on my blog that I like men to be men... But certainly NOT when it means I have to behave like a naive little girl to keep them interested.
    I've never been a shrinking violet. I don't know how...
    When I get home tonight, I'm gonna a raise a glass to pussy, profanity and women who aren't afraid to look men dead in the eye and let them know they're WANTED!!!
    LOVE your blog!

  3. The double standard is probably the most sickest when it comes to dads. They will high five their sons for getting laid, act all weird about their daughters doing anything, & then while they are at work they will ogle women their daughters age & tell their coworkers the things they would do to her. I see it every day at work with the "normal" guys.

  4. Well done, Pamo! You did it! Thanks for all the encouragement. I find it hard to get my head around you being in summer, so we're quits. The cat, by the way, is 'Fang'.
    Carmen: you rock! I'll bet that was a fine glass of wine after such a spirited toast.
    Karl: you might be surprised to discover how many women support the 'double standard' too. Sad, but true. Thinking people do, fortunately, exist thank goodness.

  5. Yes there are, they're called "man whores". They were despised at my university for desperately trying to sleep with as many women as possible. As for the whole "women having sexual fantasies" thing, this post might have been relevant in the sixties, but not today. Today you get female pron, female celebrities autobiographies talking about sex, magazines, erotic fiction, you name it. It's like Chris Rock said in the 90s, "any man who won't go down on his woman, I look at him like Betamax - they still make you?"