Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Troubling tranquility

Being cross is such a waste of time. Alright, its quite 'metal' having a jaw that juts so that it looks like you can break rocks on it and having smoldering eyes you could light cigarettes off (metaphorically speaking), but it takes it out of you, it really does. It doesn't achieve anything either (unless ulcers can be counted as an achievement).

Peace (love isn't a necessity, especially not at work) is so much more rewarding. I must be turning into a flower child which would be appropriate though distasteful. Already, I'm attracting bees, so maybe I should have a tantrum or let off an A-bomb or something just to show I mean business.




Nothing happened? Yes, I know, I got distracted by a butterfly...

Here's a pic of Kleinkranz beach: very Zen.


  1. "I'm attracting bees"... you silly little sausage.... You is funny.

  2. Fangs. I sort of like being a sausage.. I think.

  3. Peace is a dire waste of time. Name me one interesting story without conflict. Love isn't all you need, I mean water goes a long way, but it is essential to happiness in a way that peace really isn't ...