Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thoughts and Silly Phones

Its always worse contemplating doing things than actually doing them and getting it over with. In terms of doing and contemplation, I think I’m doing pretty well: everything is getting done, and I’m not thinking at all because I’m far too busy to think. This is good.

My thoughts, when I have them, are a bit dubious. I can do without them. They only make me uncomfortable, whereas ‘doing’ is going swimmingly. At some point, I’ll get contemplative all over again, and then I’ll have ideas. It’s a dangerous practice. If a few less people had ideas, the world would be a more peaceful place.

Some thoughts are good for putting off the advent of other ones. For instance: Cell phones. I have one. I either know where the phone is, or the charger, but seldom both. When I know where both of them are, its because I’ve left my cell phone at home on charge, and it’ll take me several days to remember it when I actually am at home so that I can unplug it and put it in my bag and then hide the charger. The result is a phone that only works for two or three days every few weeks.

Every now and then, I resolve to be a better cell phone parent. I think about it. I devise strategies for remembering it, and then I forget them and its back to square one again. I think I could do this elliptical thinking process over and over again, thereby keeping my mind out of the sort of trouble complicated questions like ‘What’s it all about really?’ can cause.

Peace on Earth: MM is working out how to keep her cell phone charged.


  1. Hey man, it's the little things that matter most.

    Nice picture, you! You look good kid.

  2. I tagged out of the whole cell phone game. I'm a CP agnostic now. E-mail is my religion.

  3. Ja.. I like email and I hate any kind of phone, but at least playing hide-the-charger keeps me out of mischief. Good on yer for not being a cell phone slave.