Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Doubtful Reflection

I came upon a grand quote about doubt last night: 'The only thing I don't doubt is my doubt'. Of course I can't remember who done said that, but who cares? I like it. I shall make it mine.

There was another one about skepticism being the root of knowledge, but I'm skeptical about that one.

Doubt's good stuff, ditto skepticism, it stops one from believing in stuff like the tooth fairy, the easter bunny and altruistic politicians. I've had it since I was tiny too, so you can't say its the cynicism of middle-age, or that I ever had any faith to lose. I never believed in Santa Claus, not ever.

Doubt's a process though, and I suppose it leads to belief of sorts: I doubt I'll get up this morning - ah, but I doubt my boss will accept that, so I believe I'll get up and go to work after all.

....and that's where I am now. Deep, hey?


  1. Neat picture, though small'ish and blurry. You look like you've become one with the chair. You look like a spider lady. Disturbing!

  2. Keoughl* post.

    Doubt, or if you like skepticism, is like most things, and is useful if used reasonably, and not applied to the extreme. If it's an entrenched way of looking at all things at all times then we're talking of pessimism... this is not good. As in the theatre where "suspension of disbelief" is applied, so on occasion, we must cast our doubts to the wind, if we're not to be rendered paralysed. I know this from painful experience.

    * I'm a sod for neologisms, and this is one of my favourites, being my pseudo-celtic word for "cool". Good innit?

  3. Fangs.... Hope you'll be posting again soon?