Monday, May 24, 2010

Trip Troubles

So you think you're organized: everything's ready for the road-trip and then... and then... some stupid thing happens, that prevents you from doing things as planned. Its happening to me right now, and I'm having a great deal of difficulty in dealing with it in a good humored way, in fact, my first reaction is a strong urge to throw a temper tantrum: Wanna! Wanna! Wanna! Waaaaaah!

The point is that my plans have been overset in a small way only: I'll be leaving late because, despite having booked the vehicle in advance, my firm has decided to do something else with it for the morning. All it really means is that I'll be arriving at my destination at eight or nine tonight instead of six or seven. Apart from the fact that I'm terribly nervous about driving in the big city at night, there's no real reason why it should be a problem, but it feels like a problem. In fact, I want to grab my boss by the throat and shake her, while having the tantrum mentioned above, but all I've done is to mutter a bit and look sour. Do I deserve sainthood? Surely!

Only please, someone, tell me I'm not the only person who feels like a werewolf when things like this happen?

** I'll illustrate this with a car pic: This would get me to Cape Town double quick!


  1. Be of good cheer: it's an adventure in more ways than one. You shall shine. As usual.

  2. You should definitely wreck the vehicle on purpose, then say it was their fault for making you drive at night.

  3. Saint Maunder:it has more than a ring to it.
    But you're right - the best ti8me for anything to go wrong is exactly when you have no time to do anything about it... or at the least convenioent time. that's why the phone rings 3 seconds after you've got into the shower, and the bus always came ten seconds after you'd lit that smoke. Back in the days when yousmoked, of course...

  4. Chortlement! Well, I didn't wreck the van, sorry Grant! And I am smoker AW: a dying breed in more ways than one...