Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The beach was wide from side to side

Alright, so this bit of ‘news’ is about a week old. Okay, so its not introspective or poetic or anything like that, but oh yes, the piccies are nice, and slightly exotic for my reader (I’ve got one, honest). I mean, the ‘to the beach’ sign is in Afrikaans, and that beach is EMPTY, which is something not everyone sees.

That’s the thing about being a ‘local’: when the weather’s magnificent and the beaches swarm with tourists, we hide in the forest, and once the water starts getting cold and the wind’s a bit nippy and the tourists have gone home, we hit the beach. Typically perverse behavior, but at least I go to the beach sometimes, which is more than many do.

When you live by the sea, its just this big no-go area where the land comes to an end and its not much use to anyone, and its all full of sand and the wind blows a lot, so hardly anyone ever goes there. I hardly ever do. Should though. Does me good.

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  1. Love your pics, your beaches, and your beef-steaks. Nuff said.