Friday, May 21, 2010


I've heard it said that women with husky voices sound sexy. Well, that's to my benefit, because I've got one of those chocolate and gravel voices, and of course, I really like thinking I'm sexy. So what's my problem? Simply this: I've been doing one of those pillar-to-post batches of phoning about a banking problem, I've spoken to four operators and EVERY ONE of them called me 'Sir'.

Now just how on earth is this supposed to make me feel feminine let alone sexy? Let's say that its another myth debunked shall we?


  1. Purportedly men get better customer service in those situations because you girls aren't supposed to know about things like money, computers, or cars, so I say just run with it.

  2. personally, I think it's sexy for a woman to hae that kind of voice :)

  3. Good notion Grant. 'Mrs' sounds a bit like 'Mr' when one mumbles, so I'll remember that next time I talk to a technical-type person :)
    Real Live: You'd have to know they were a woman first, wouldn't you? That's why it doesn't work on the phone...