Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wine, whatsit and song

Like just about everything else, being a woman has both advantages and disadvantages. I need cheering up today, so I think I'm going to look at the upside of being female. At least its something that isn't likely to change any time soon, although people will call me 'Andrew' when talking on the phone.

I think that the very best thing about being female, is the things you can get away with:
  • You can be overly emotional and irrational and no-one dares take you to task about it because you might cry at them.
  • You can make a fuss about little things, and people humor you.
  • You can blame everything short of axe murder on PMT.
  • You can park your car in a funny way and no-one's surprised ( I do this one. Its an art).
  • You're allowed to be vain about your appearance (It can be fun).
  • You can get all excited about shiny things (doesn't send me, but it is allowed)
  • You don't have to know how to do minor repairs... which goes with...
  • You can stand around looking helpless and people come and do stuff for you. (Nice one, although I generally at least try to do things myself.)
  • You can get away with being a misandrist (the opposite-sex version of 'misogynist') without being branded 'sexist'. (Not nice, but perfectly true).
  • You can expect other people to foot the bill (I thought this one had gone out of fashion, but apparently it hasn't).
  • You can insult people without getting a punch up the conk (generally speaking).
  • Etcetera
While I'm in this mood, I might as well add that all those awful messages about how wonderful it is to be a woman because you can have babies, and about how being female automatically makes you something a step or two above the saints, are bloody patronizing, and the worst of it all is that its women that forward that drivel. Eeeeyew.

Can't say that I feel awfully positive about men either. Their foibles are different, that's all.

People. Go figure.

I'm depressed today. Does it show?


  1. I'm so tempted to make an awful, and tasteless joke about mens "foibles" as opposed to womens, but in a rare moment of restraint, I've thought better of it. I'm sure though, you can guess at its gist!

    Figuring people is the single most difficult, nay, most impossible thing to do in this life. I've concluded that it's best we just ask them what they think, or why said or did, such and such. Can save a lot of heartache. It's tough enough trying to figure ourselves.


  2. Addendum: hope you cheer up soon!

  3. I'm a great one for calling out women on misandry, though ("all men are pigs", etc.). I think it's a good thing to do so, because most men tolerate misandry as if women *aren't equal*. It's the same thing with other races being racist towards white people. I don't do it in a humourless way, you understand - I just like to make a point here and there. (oh and apart from the above I can get away with all of those things, including people buying me drinks)