Sunday, August 1, 2010

People pictures

I spent a little time looking through my picture folders this weekend. Its going to be a massive task mucking that lot out! Herculean, really, because as in the stables of legend, fresh material is deposited on a regular basis. Its also going to be quite difficult deciding which ones will get the chop.

Although most of my pictures are of plants and landscapes, I’ve got masses of people pictures. They’re not really my strong point, but I love it when personality shines through.

There are happy-go-lucky people and pensive people

Laughing ones and lugubrious ones

Large people and small people

Old ones and young ones

People with something to say

People who are, for one reason or another

really, really cool.


  1. Fabulous photos all! You are one of those really, really cool people, my friend. I just loved this post. Taking photos of people isn't my strong point either- but you did quite well! You managed to capture character and that's what it's all about.

  2. I love looking at pics of people especially ones I don't know wondering about them & what's their story.

  3. Thanks folks. I'll admit to being fascinated by faces.