Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Inappropriate Laughter

Last night I nearly repeated the 'killing of computer keyboard' exercise I conducted with the coffee a month or so ago. Never, ever, ever play 'chicken invaders' with someone who might make you laugh when you've just taken a swig of some or other liquid!

I had just handed over the controls after accidentally shooting the first of the mutant alien egg-laying poultry belonging to my opponent. I apologized for this, remarking that the screen was 'no longer virgin'.

The game re-started in a shower of eggs as I took a deep draught from my cup and 'The way they lay, they can't be' was the response, at which point aforementioned swig of liquid was carried forth on an overwhelming and irresistible explosion of laughter. You know, I don't think I could have held that laugh in, my head would have exploded.

Fortunately the product was a spray so fine as to be almost atomized, and a timely shutting down, daubing with paper towels and other tender indications of concern seem to have done the trick (as you may have noticed, all the letters are still working).

Oh, and I also daubed my erstwhile opponent and apologized (after I'd comforted my laptop, of course) but I think perhaps I oughtn't have, since my inability to suppress laughter will doubtless make me a fair target for practical jokes in future. In fact, I was told so. Watch this space for accounts of the public beverage-spraying incidents that will follow...

I wonder if I can do it through my nose too? I'll surely find out!

Today's pic: something suitably splashy. Fresh too, since I'm feeling well for the first time in weeks.


  1. YEAH!! I'm glad you're feeling well finally! Inappropriate laughter sounds lovely.

  2. There's a particularly vile cold / flu / f**king bug steaming through the Shakey isles right now: I've had it, in various forms, for four weeks now.You have my sympathies, and my heartfelt hope that your recovery is permanent. Oh - and my ancient and withered old grandmother could sneeze out of her ears. Never saw her do it with red wine, though...

  3. Thanks for the good wishes on my recovery. I didn't even realize how very ill I was until I began to feel better!

    The ears! I want to be able to eject red wine through my ears!