Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Computer games make me evil!

No, really, they do – and I’m not even talking fancy stuff like ‘Grand theft Auto’.

I recently downloaded a free game called ‘Chicken Invaders’ – much like the old ‘Space Invaders’, except that the aliens are cartoon chickens. When you shoot them, they squawk very satisfyingly, and when you ‘kill’ them, they drop drumsticks. If you pick those up, your space ship makes a lovely, disgusting burping noise and you get extra points.

It’s amazing how addictive it can be, and I caught myself thinking how cute they are when they die – an extra loud squawk – some feathers and a drumstick. I am overwhelmed by a hitherto unprecedented urge to kill chickens – me! One of those people that goes out of their way to rescue moths and whose first thought on finding a field mouse sharing my bed is that it shouldn’t be hurt.

Suddenly nothing will do for me but to spend a large chunk of my weekend (which was mostly cold and wet) committing mass chicken murder – crowing when I get better guns and relishing each death-squawk with indecent glee. I wasn’t like this before – promise!

Today’s pic: a rather bad watercolour of the view from my house – my first attempt since a bit of daubing over a year ago and done with a cheap box of water colours and a shedding paint brush on the wrong sort of paper. It was fun, though.


  1. Mass Chicken Murder would be a good name for a punk band.

  2. I actually like your watercolor. I would never have guessed that such a peaceful scene was painted by a mass chicken murderer.

  3. What!?!! You are a water-colorist too! I'm SO impressed! Truly, I am. It's beautifully composed with phenomenal perspective. You are are a natural dear.
    Oh- and I refuse to even consider looking up this dastardly game you have so eloquently reviewed. I refuse! I have enough addictions already- ENOUGH ALREADY. :-)))
    Hallie's comment BTW can not be topped. I shall not even try. Said while wiping a tear of envy from my eye.

  4. I think it looks great, I find water colors very difficult to work with!

  5. Grant: I'm still rooting for 'Dead Lettuce'

    hw: Alright, so I'll believe you're not humoring me, and in that case, I shall declare myself an artist rather than a dauber! Cor!

    PAMO. Agh, its so nice of you to take a close look. There are some things I like about it and many I don't. You and your 'art' friends are the ones who inspired me to give it a bash. Thanks. It truly was fun to do, and that's the bottom line isn't it?

    Karl: Watchit with the encouragement! I'll inflict more of the same on you if you're not careful! Seriously, though, thanks. You guys are almost too kind!

  6. Some of those simple video games are addicting. That's why I monitor myself when I play chess.