Saturday, August 28, 2010

Play time!

After spending most of my life being terribly serious and working awfully hard, I decided that it was time for my mid-life crisis. I took a bit of a run-up to it, but now I'm really enjoying it.

Thing is, I decided it was time to have some fun. Haven't done enough of that, have I? I'm also comfortable enough with myself not to be too worried about what other people might say about it. When I was a teenager, for instance, I'd have played with a yo-yo or a bottle of bubble mix, but only if I was sure no-one was watching.

So now I have a whole toy box and a collection of bubble blowing things, and a kite and three yo-yo's, and guns that shoot ping-pong balls and a collection of water pistols and... Its infectious too! If I invite people for a cookout, it invariably degenerates into water-pistol warfare. The thing I've noticed about that, is that the older people among my friends are by far the most enthusiastic water-fighters!

I've also started 'spoiling myself'. I was in the mood for a spoiling today, so I took a walk through the shops in town. I looked at clothes - not interested. Shoes - ditto. Make up - I own tons of the stuff and I hardly use it.

I ended up in a terrible, terrible shop. It was a bookshop. There were too many things I wanted. I felt like a proper consumer - you know - the one with unlimited wants and limited resources that economists always talk about. I think I've had my retail therapy for the month! Just as well I didn't even enter a computer or music shop - they're even worse!

Yes, its wonderful being middle-aged and irresponsible - well, not irresponsible as such - just not responsible for anything other than myself.

Today's pic: MM :) I labelled Gertie (my tummy) to make sure you'd notice.


  1. I have the coolest water-pistol. Yellow and red, shaped like a shark. It shoots water a ten metres, accurately. You can never be too old (or young) for a good water pistol.
    Barbecue at my place next Sunday?

  2. Hmmm..I'd rather have a bb gun. Unfortunately, that's completely out of the question for me, but it'd be so cool to own one. I laughed when you mentioned that you named your belly. I was like, "what belly?" I guess it's because you're wearing black. Hardly noticed it. I'm not as much of a rocker, but I like the runaways. The posts you write really "suck in" the reader. Here's my blog, "My Black and White World"
    I usually post in the evenings, around 7pm

  3. Hmmm...this is what I got when I clicked "follow" on your blog


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    The requested URL /friendconnect/signin/home... is too large to process.


  4. Great photo my friend!
    And where is Gertie? I don't see her. She must be very shy.
    Play is a wonderful thing. Thank you for reminding me to do more of it. Save a water gun for me please.

  5. we all need to spoil our selves every once in a while ...I saw Iron Maiden on the Powerslave tour it was rad! have you ever heard of Anton Maiden?
    here is a link it's pretty funny

  6. Aha! Another water pistol sharp-shooter! How about us inventing an inter-continental ballistic water pistol?

    Struggling girl: Thanks for joining in and for sharing your blog. Delighted to 'meet' you!

    PAMO: There's always a water-gun for you in South Africa! But.. oooer.. I've a feeling you'll be quite a sharp shooter!

    Karl: You lucky so and so! The powerslave tour! Ooooh! Enjoyed the link. It reminds me of 'Beatallica' who produced songs like 'The thing that should not let it be'and 'Blackend the USSR'. Actually, they're quite good!