Monday, August 30, 2010

More Self-indulgence

One of the books I bought this weekend (Pamo, hwfarber, Karl and the rest... its all your fault!) was a volume entitled 'How to draw'. Sounds good. I also got a sketch book and a number of pencils, only I didn't know about water-soluble graphite pencils yet. Darn! They sound like fun!

Sunday was nice and peaceful, and so I settled down to exercise one: 'Make a simple line drawing of a household object'. So I did that. It wasn't quite right, but you could at least see what it was. Then I had a go at exercise two: 'reduce a complex shape into simple geometric shapes' (Something like that, anyway).

When I got tired of drawing coffee cups, pepper-grinders and suchlike, I ventured onto something way out of my league. Of course, its all wrong, but it does look just a little bit like the person I tried to draw.

The eyes were skew so I extended an existing scar to give the skewness some sort of reason. I think this is very arty. Your picture doesn't work, so hack up your subject's face. Creative! Scary! Brutal! Perhaps I'm the next Van Gough (only with a penchant for mutilating others rather than myself)!

In response to 'Struggling Girl' I'm also posting this picture of myself with a BB gun and a gorgeous dog. Oooaw. Isn't he sweet? The bowl, in case you were worried, belongs to the cats!


  1. YES! Definitely arty! A fantastic graphite drawing, wonderful shading, such remarkable character. You are a natural my friend.
    I love the photo of you with your BB gun and dog. You are having such a good time and your pup doesn't look vicious at all. He is a total sweety! What fun!

  2. Thanks PAMO. I am inspired with the desire for emulation, which is, after all, the highest compliment.

    The picture was taken one evening - messing about with the BB gun, and my boss thought it might intimidate clients into paying their accounts. The puppy (and he will always be a puppy!) belongs to the boss, and he's the biggest sweetie out. I see you noticed his goofy smile!

  3. You're drawing is amazing! You are so damn talented!

    Also, I love women with guns. ;-)

  4. And the cats belong to the dog, right?

  5. Impressive drawing and you've learned the most important lesson already--whatever happens, make it part of the work.

    Do you realize that this drawing looks a bit like your id photo? Take away the lower half of the face and it's a self-portrait!

  6. that's an awesome drawing! By the way I just saw the movie District 9 did South Africa really treat the aliens that way?

  7. Gee whizz, Jay. Blush. I like me with a gun too!

    Grant: No, the dogs belong to the cats. Surely you know that?

    hwfarber: You amazed me! I never realized it, but you're absolutely right! Those are MY eyes! As for your eyes, well, I knew they were 'artist's eyes' but your powers of observation astound!

    Karl: as you can see, I'm with you! Aliens it is!