Friday, August 13, 2010

A picture of misery

These darned water colour thingies are fun! Best of all, you have to ‘work’ quickly, so it suits my level of patience with the finicky (a level somewhere close to zero).

I had a beastly week – conflicts at work with attendant drama and on top of it all, I’ve got bronchitis again. Suffice to say that I felt miserable, so I settled down and daubed my ‘Picture of Misery’ which I quite like (to my surprise). I even like the accidental splash of red that landed where it shouldn’t.

It might just be a fluke that I’ve produced something I’m quite pleased with, but I’m wondering if I mightn’t carry on with the new hobby and get a decent paintbrush or two and the correct paper. I might even study up on correct technique. Well… I might.

Thanks to all the artist bloggers. Really, thanks. Watching you all having fun with your creations is inspiring, and that’s the bottom line, isn’t it? Fun. Enjoyment. Expression. Even if I throw my pictures away afterwards (which I won’t) it’s the fun of painting them that counts – watching the colours spread onto the paper, taking shape. I like this!


  1. Speaking for all the artist bloggers, you're welcome.

  2. That's beautiful! You're very VERY talented.

  3. FANTASTIC portrait! Really beautiful and I agree with Jay- you are very, VERY talented! I'm so glad you are enjoying pushing the paint around, I'm glad you are open to the experience.
    Sorry it's been such a tough week. Here's hoping the weekend brings relaxation and health!
    PAINT ON!!!!

  4. hope you feel better & by the way great painting. I have to say it is well worth investing in a god brush, I used to use the cheap crappy ones but they were always a hassle to use. Now I don't use the very expensive because I am too cheap but you can get a descent one for a few bucks.

  5. Grant: you inspire me in different ways, believe me!

    Jay: Aw.. gee.. shucks. Thanks

    PAMO: Its really you and your friends that got me started, so it'll be your own fault if I inflict this sort of thing on you from time to time.

    Karl: The right tool for the right job. Yes, I think better brushes are going to be a 'must'.