Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cuckoo jug jug

Ho there you Northern Hemispherical people! Here’s a gloat from the South: Its spring! Yup! All you jammy folks who’ve been speaking of lovely warm summer’s days while I shiver (oh alright, it doesn’t get all that cold here, but we think its cold) will soon be subjected to the same treatment from the Maunderer.

What’s that? Too early for spring yet? Pish! You are speaking to the observer of vegetation here, and if the Jasmine’s in flower and the trees are in bud, its spring alright.

Yes, and I can feel my sap (which is green, except when I cut myself) rising, and soon I’ll be in full and glorious bloom, radiating vitality and other disgustingly cheerful and healthful attributes.

A brief digression here: I was reading yet another advert for a 'health and wellness' program. Why does the word 'wellness' make my skin crawl? And what, please enlighten me, is the difference between 'health' and 'wellness' other than a few extra letters? Silly word.

Anyway, spring: ‘Cuckoo jug jug’ as Shakespeare said, although why on earth he should want to say it is beyond me. I think it had something to do with birds, although I’ve never heard one say ‘jug’ yet. I hope its not obscene in bird-ese. If so, apologies to those of you who are of an avian persuasion.

This summer, I intend to practice my photosynthesis. I haven’t got it right just yet, but when I do, I shan’t have a worry left in the world, believe me.

Of course, I was born in summer, and with one or two exceptions, most people I’ve come across seem to like the season they were born in best of all. How about you?

Today's pic: proof positive: a sunbird (related to humming birds) in full breeding plumage.


  1. I hate summer. It's my least favorite season. Summer is made of bugs and humidity and suck and heat. Late fall is best, then winter, then spring is okay until it gets hot again. Basically, if I'm expected to cut grass, I don't like it.

  2. I never thought about it but yes, I do prefer the weather in February

  3. I too never liked "wellness" when we already have "health". But I know why. It's because health care is really sick care and using the word health for it's originally intended purpose would confuse people and they might not go to the doctor anymore. Doctors thrive on writing prescriptions for those healthy, I mean sick people getting health care and the drug companies love those doctors who write those prescriptions who give them to people who are healthy, I mean sick. Does that clear it up?
    I too was born in the summer, but that is your winter. I don't have a favorite season just as I don't have a favorite color. If I had my druthers, I'd druther it be no cooler than 50 degrees F and no warmer than 85 degrees F. That would make me full of wellness.
    Happy SPRING my friend! I feel your joy! Lovely photo and a lovely post!

  4. Grant: Get a horse, then you don't have to cut the grass.

    Karl: So you're mister Winter! Thanks for helping me test my theory.

    PAMO: You're just too positive, that's your problem - you love everything short of a tooth ache! Your climate parameters (quick conversion to centigrade) seem to fit in with the weather here. Yay! Come to the Garden Route - any time of the year will do - then we can have that cup of coffee I've always wanted to enjoy with you!