Monday, July 26, 2010

The Return of the Mutterer

Yes its me. Now where did I put my specs? Crikey! Oh there they are… right on my face. Now why on earth did I put them there? One’d think I’d know better (removes specs). Where was I?

Oh yes. That’s it… I’m back. And where, you may ask, have I been? Ah! Now that would be telling. Whatsat? That’s what this blog post is for? Now why on earth didn’t I think of that? Yes, yes, I’m getting around to it. I just want to have a good mutter first.

As you know, I did things involving hot beverages to my computer which wasn’t as thankful as it jolly well ought to have been. On receiving both Teutonic (a colleague of mine) and technical advice that involved a blow dryer, I added three melted keys to my woes, and things still didn’t work.

Right so… on leaving my computer marinating in coffee at the repair place, I had to get through a couple of computerless days at work, and then I was in hot water.

No, really. Hot water, and very nice it was. Boiling hot (well, nearly), iron-laden water bubbling out of the ground and piped into pools where you can swim about to your heart’s content and turn orange from the iron while you’re at it.

Then, when you’re good and orange, out you go into the little karoo (that’s a sort of semi-desert) for a bit of clambering on rocky trails through the kopjies and sere grass among the orangey rocks with your camera chasing springbuck that turn out to be goats. Its my idea of a good time, anyway.

Nice landscapes: more typical of this country than the forests and mountains around my home. Good thing its winter though. No shade. Wide open spaces that match what’s between my ears just at the moment.

Get back, get computer and now, with the world of words at my fingertips I haven’t a thing to say. Which is why I wrote this.

Today’s pics: the inside of my head: the green bit in the first one bothers me a little.


  1. YEAH!!! MM is BACK!!! Those photos are gorgeous and your time out sounds lovely. Wish I could of been there. A bit of orange skin would be wonderful.
    You sure say a lot with nothing to say. YEAH!!! MM is BACK!!!

  2. I hate to admit to this but a few months ago my computer was down for the count a part of me missed it but another part of me liked the time apart

  3. I see your orange skin in your avatar.:) Best muttering about coffee and keyboards and kopjies (whatever they are) that I've read in a long time.

  4. I'm with Karl, it's nice to find oneself in the technological dark ages from time to time. Welcome back :)

  5. Hello all!
    Yes,I missed my computer for reasons other than those to do with work. At the same time, its good in that you find you can keep yourself well entertained.
    Still. Its good to be back.