Tuesday, July 20, 2010


HWfaber’s blog made me think about self-portraits, of the photographic variety. Up till now, I’ve called it ‘mucking about with my camera taking pictures of myself’, but thanks to him, I now realize its an art form! Yay! No more guilt!

The fact is, that if you want to try things with people pictures, one needs a willing model, and for some reason all my friends are of the sort that you have to creep up on if you want a photograph at all. You certainly can’t say: ‘Hang on there, hold it.. I want to see what happens if I take this from under your chin.’ They’ll be hiding away under the table before you or your camera can say ‘click’.

So I’ve decided to make this a ‘me messing around taking pic..’ oops, I mean ‘self-portrait art’ post.

First up is the one I’m currently using for my blogger profile – a bit harsh – I boosted the contrast to hell and back wanting something ‘moody’ and weather-beaten. Well, I must say, this one looks pretty darned dangerous. Woohoo! Mission accomplished. Don’t mess with me, especially not in a high wind.

One of my earliest attempts was this very out of focus little number. I do like being out of focus - does me the power of good, I tell you. Who’s a pretty little smudge then?

Then a year or two back, a reflection in a café window in Copenhagen. I like this one a lot. I look spooky, and you can see right through ‘me’ to the knives and forks on the window ledge and the sofa inside the café.

Then my more recent monster.. I mean.. ‘master’ pieces. I adore the one I titled ‘Kiss the Sky’. I turned it into black and white for a recent post, but its even better in colour. It was sweltering day in February and I wanted a silhouette with the occasional gleam of sweat against the fierce blue sky. Mission accomplished!

Last but not least: a smoky, hazy one taken during my recent move. I didn’t have a thing in mind, just trying some new and, strictly speaking 'wrong' camera settings, but I think the result is interesting.

I’m an ‘artist’ only in my dreams and desires (and without enough desire to actually make an effort). Photo’s are a bit of a cheat – so quick – so little effort involved, but there it is and I shall call it ‘art’ and since that is me in those pictures, I suppose I’m art too.


  1. YOU are ART!!! These are great self portraits- I love them ALL! My two favorites are your current profile photo and "Kiss the Sky". But all of them are wonderful!! You've inspired me. I had never thought of doing this with my camera before- but maybe I'll try. (Artists feed off other artists. I've come to learn this is mostly accepted and quite fun.)
    Many artists past and present have done this very thing: use themselves as their artistic muse. I believe you are an artist in every sense of the word. Art doesn't need to feel hard or with great effort- it only needs to be creative. That creative effort is energizing, it is original, it is you. Just like your self portraits today. Beautiful!!!! Keep it up please.

  2. What - no "ankles behind the ears making out with an Asian schoolgirl" photos? That's not very artistic of you. :p

  3. that one of the reflection was really cool, I've tried to take pics like that & failed every time!

  4. IT would be nice if you take one with your fist tucked under your chin. Actually, why not have a series of "typical" poses like doing the peace sign or holding the side of your face.

  5. Somehow I missed this entry. Thanks for the mention. I've found that taking self-photos is lots of fun, and I don't mind looking stupid or old. I only have one self-photo that I consider art. When your computer is returned and working again you can check it out. Its my blog entry from Nov. 30, 2009--it's here: http://artingaroundinsova.blogspot.com/2009_11_01_archive.html

  6. I forgot to say that I like all of the photos above. Kiss the Sky is a favorite. (When I'm out photographing landscapes, I always finish with a photo of my reflection in the car window.)