Sunday, July 18, 2010

I am a bask-ard

Warm winter's days should be outlawed. For one thing, they're just too darned nice. Anything that nice has to be questionable. Then too, they make one ever so lazy. It shouldn't be allowed. I managed to drag myself from the back veranda to the front veranda to get this susnet shot over the sea and cliffs. Its also the view I have from my bedroom window. Awful isn't it?

Most of the day was spent on the other veranda. Which looks like this in terms of sunshine if not bees. The hive is still there, and very busy on a warm day, but in this picture the swarm arrives, so its a lot more intense.

Half of the veranda is roofed over and there are big windows facing the mountains, so when the sun gets a bit much, its easy to find a more comfortable spot. I love the colours you see from here: the golden field, a distant green meadow and the mountains march onwards as far as the eye can see until they fade into blue. Cradock peak has snow on it and looks almost Alpine.

Can you blame me if I folded my hands and did next to nothing all day long? I just basked like a lizard in the sun.

At leat I took that sunset shot!


  1. wow that is some view, even your lizards are colorful!

  2. I love this post! The view from your veranda is stunning. And I can not blame you at all for doing next to nothing. Enjoying doing next to nothing is grand. Bee watching seems to fit in perfect and Cradock Peak is gorgeous! I can see why TV is something you do not have. You don't need it!!

  3. What a wasteful day! At least I spent the weekend at my computer playing Dragon Age: Origins. I'm so productive.

  4. Since you lived through a couple of scary jobs, you deserve a lazy day. Bask away in your beautiful scenery.

  5. It looks like paradise! My last few days have been wasteful, but without the view!

  6. Hello folks! Glad you all enjoyed my lazy post! The lizard's a bit of a cheat, he comes from Table Mountain, but I basked at least as well as he did.
    PAMO: I always say I could live on that veranda, and in summer, I'll probably sleep there too.
    Grant: Wow!You were slaying dragons!
    Ah - and here's hwfarber: you inspired my next post. So I'l thank you here.
    Dan: if you really relaxed, its not a waste!