Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In the Belly of the Beast

Or back at the salt mines, or whatever you'd like to call it. Shoulder to the wheel and all that. Three days off and I get to work a twelve hour day. Then again, I decided I was behind after spending the last few days on my behind (and walking and swimming) and got 'stuck in'.

Stupid thing to do really, which is why I am writing my blog now and not, not, not working. Enough is enough. I quit. At least until tomorrow at 7:30 AM. Then I'll be all bright eyed and bushy tailed (in the metaphorical sense), and punching the air and yelling 'Up and at 'em!' and other hearty phrases.

Hee hee: got you going there didn't I? No! Come back! I promise I don't do stuff like that in the morning. You have no need to hate me!

At one time, there was a motivational speaker on what was then the only TV station. He used to come on at 6:30 in the morning and do the air-punching thing and say 'Yes! Yes! Yes!'. It was awful. I heard that he comitted suicide eventually. Just goes to show. There's nothing like a slow start.

For now, I have a slow wending home, to rest, to sleep, perchance to find inspiration for a decent blog post (but I keep dreaming about work anyway: boring!)

Today's pic: Lichen on a rock - a metaphor for getting up slowly in the morning and why? Because I say so.


  1. I don't see how you people function in the morning, you bunch of anti-vampires. I save all my hard work for after lunch when my brain has fully awakened. Everyone else here is the opposite.

  2. My Mother was one of those cheery morning people. She spent the rest of the day depressed. I avoid cheery mornings, I do good just to get out of bed. It's only uphill from there.
    Glad you had a wee bit of time off anyway!

  3. Grant: didn't I say, I don't do mornings that way? Ai!
    PAMO: I'm with you - getting out of bed is definitely an uphill journey!