Saturday, July 3, 2010

I am frightening

I've always seen myself as being individual, intense, extreme - but then I didn't know many other people.

Last night I went to town to meet some friends. I haven't been off the farm in quite a while, and the group ended up being quite large. A few friends of friends and unidentifiable folks that didn't seem to belong to anyone tacked themselves onto the group, and all was merry. I was merry too, even though I was designated driver for a few of them. Its amazing how amusing company makes you merry, even if they're sipping beer and you're on mineral water.

It was fun observing the group too. Heidi, who is gorgeous but blissfully unaware of it, was having her usual effect on the unattached men. Two of them informed me in private conversation: 'Your friend is HOT!'. I bask in reflected glory! Its sort of nice being the comfortable older woman that young men confide in. It's cute... although... it doesn't quite fit in with my self-image. Didn't I say it? I'm wild! I'm extreme!

I always thought myself talkative, but I'm positively quiet compared to Shannon and Candice who rattle on merrily and in a very entertaining way and have everyone in stitches with their humour. Wonderful ladies! I love it! Only.. well.. one more thing about me that isn't all that extreme -unless I want to try being extremely quiet, but that's not 'me' either. Sigh.

I thought I had some pretty avant garde ideas, but I encountered stranger ones. I think myself a bit 'clever' (admission: isn't it beastly?) and met people much cleverer. You know, I really loved it. It was interesting. It was fun, and I discovered that I'm still one up on everyone else in at least one respect.

Its my laugh. People have remarked on it since I was a teen. They still do. It used to make me feel a bit shy when they did. It still does. I know its a big laugh. It stands out. I don't think it irritates, becuase people always say nice things about it, but the fact of it being remarked on makes me worry sometimes. Then again I think that if I'm to be remembered for laughing heartily, perhaps its not a bad thing.

One other good thing: by the end of the evening one of Heidi's suitors had declared me 'frightening'. I was impressed. I was pleased. I don't know what I did to deserve it: perhaps its the laugh, but there you have it: I am frightening! Yay!

Today's pic: me from a frightening angle.


  1. Today's picture is a lovely angle! Not knowing you in person- but only through your words- I would easily describe you as FEARLESS. It's one of your many wonderful qualities that I am drawn to. Sounds like a glorious evening full of frolic and fun. Laughter is cleansing for the soul.

  2. people always describe me as being "offensive" which is something that bothers me, since it's never my intention. I think people describe my looks as being the opposite of HOT!

  3. Thanks folks. Perhaps not 'fearless', but not too worried, either, I must say.
    Karl: if you're not trying to offend, then its too bad if people are offended. Maybe they should just chill out or **** off.