Friday, October 29, 2010

Whatsit celebration

I love my little bloggie-woggie, but of late, I've been awfully serious. Bah to that! I've done serious, and now I want to have some fun.

With luck, the weekend will get me into the right mood: we're doing halloween... er hallo'een? Um.. the festival that involves dressing up and which South Africans don't even know how to spell.

A whole bunch of us will be descending (in costume, naturally) on the local pub or pubs where we will proceed to talk nonsense, laugh, imbibe (With moderation of course! What do you take me for?) and generally have a good time. I'll remember to avoid arm wrestling this time - don't want to get a reputation for breaking furniture, and what will I do if I break Waldo's arm?

Given that the hallowed evening is not commonly celebrated here, it'll stir up the locations which we will grace (I arm wrestle gracefully too) with our presence, which is always welcome in a small town whose main claim to fame is being situated under the mountains.

They're nice mountains, but you can't really look at them at night. Lots of people say there's nothing to do here, but its a matter of making things to do, isn't it? (Did you imagine a dirty laugh? Shame on you!).

Today's pic: Things to do at around-about-this-time-of -year in George circa 2009.


  1. Ain't nothing like being "live, drunk, and in costume", lol !!

  2. What are you planning on dressing up as for your hallo'een night of fun?

  3. Halloween is no longer commonly celebrated in the Jesus-intensive part of the US in which I currently live, especially not when it falls on a Sunday. Then the kids get to dress up in politically safe costumes and go to church for the annual fall festival "Please Don't Call It Halloween" party where they do nothing traditionally done on Halloween, eat a moderate amount of candy, participate in boring supervised activities, and then go home. Whee.

  4. Well...have a howling good time, and don't forget where you live!