Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Monster Turd (among other things)

As I’ve said before, I’m not going to turn this into a ‘mommy’ blog’, but I have to tell you about the cats.

First of all, there’s Alex. No real problems there. Tom cat. Supremely confident. Gorgeous. Struts about like he owns the place. Just one thing: that cat can churn out a turd that the middle-sized mongrel would be proud of. And the smell!

The problem is Misty, who’s about eighteen years old. She hasn’t quite settled in yet. She lives under the bed. Oh, she’ll come to the edge and allow one to stroke her and she purrs like a motorboat, but for the last two weeks, she’s lived under the bed.

This means that the facility herinafter referred to as ‘The Cat Litter Tray’ also resides under the bed. The same facility made use of by aforementioned Alex in which to deposit the monster turd of fame and odour. Yes, well. Whew!

I keep telling Misty that she could be queen of the household, that I’ll worship her as befits a cat and kowtow to her every wish, but she just stays under the bed with the cat litter tray. It reminds me of the story of the eagle that lived with chickens and just pecked around on the ground refusing to fly.

Not that she can fly, but she could be on the bed rather than under it, and if she’d show willingness to explore the house I could move that darned cat litter!

No pics of the cats yet. I don’t want to scare them with the flash.So instead, you get Ginger and Jemima, the farm cats.


  1. I had a post I titled "Monster Turd", but the subject matter of my post was QUITE different.

    Thanks for the follow :)

  2. 4 cats is enough for you get labeled crazy old cat lady.

  3. Nothing like eating my currie chicken for lunch and popping up your post to a monster turd... LOL Thanks for the descriptive visual. Hopefully Misty well get comfortable enough to come out so she won't pass out from future smelly monster turds!

  4. Wonderful post! Don't worry, I'm sure she will come out and be more social in time. Hopefully soon so you don't have to smell the box to long while your trying to sleep.

  5. I agree with T. Knowley... she'll be out soon.
    Another wonderful post, so funny and lively and real. Who else could make cat turds so funny? No one but you!
    I'll be back to posting very soon. My brain was running on empty for a short while, but it seems to have a few cells going now.

  6. Love your title, and feel for you with the cat pan problem. I once had a new cat that squeezed into a dresser drawer to hide, so we had to leave it part way open for several months until he got used to us. Zoe hid under the bed for quite a while, and even now she goes back under there on some days. It has always been our experience that the cat does come out of hiding when no one is close by, or after we have gone to work, or after we are asleep. We have never put the litter pan right in the hiding place, and no cat has ever used their sleeping area as a litter pan. Your Misty could be different though. Might try just putting the pan along side of the bed and maybe later on move it by the wall. Of course, that only works if the bedroom isn't frequented too often by people. She will eventually venture further and further from her hiding place. Just takes time, lots of time in some cases. Your farm cats are adorable.

  7. Wow - you are back to your prolific self, and I am busy and had to catch up on your last two posts about the prodigal brother (a bit shocking) and your home (I love cormorants too!). At least nowadays I can almost keep up. Anyway, when I think if monster turds I think of my youngest son, but that's another story.