Thursday, October 21, 2010

Image crisis!

Yowich! Look at me! I have become a matriarch! This is so not rock and roll...

Alright, I admit it, I like it, but two weeks ago I was an unencumbered bachelorette and now I'm a 'mother' of five and must carry it off with becoming grace while still being true to my 'rock chick', heavy metal image. Its a tough one: this is shockingly un-gothic.

At the risk of turning this into a 'mommy blog', I will elaborate. Ahem:

I might get away with this one

even though he's obsessed with his ball. He might be soppy, but he doesn't look soppy. On the occasions when his choppers aren't buried in his ball, they're pretty impressive and of course he's a big dog. Pity about the pedigree, but its not his fault, really. Fortunately the breed is not well-known, so I could pretend he was a German Shepherd-cross.

This one's already going to a bit difficult to live down image-wise, but she does have a certain 'je ne sais quois'. I don't know what it is (as the term implies) so I needn't elaborate. Maybe its the pale eyes - anyway, there's a hint of the dangerous about her even though she's awfully keen to please and a little bit timid. Maybe its because she's female?

But this one! This one takes the cake and probably the teacups and everything else along with it. This one does not rock.

Alright, so his image has improved a little since I changed his name from 'Snowy' to 'Snowbeast', but the fact remains: He's a lap dog. He goes 'Yaf Yaf Yaf' and is only likely to be dangerous if he fluffs you to death. I'm madly fond of the little devil already, of course, but somehow I know: Even if I buy him a black collar with six-inch spikes - he'll just never be rock and roll.

Tch. Oh well, I'll find a way to compensate. That should be fun.

PS: The cats will feature at some point, but they Rawk! All cats do...


  1. They rawk You sound like your from Da Parish. OK, only I get that.
    Anyway, nice doggies. I used to really not like dogs AT ALL. But now I dig 'em.

  2. The good news is that you're still one cat shy of qualifying for crazy old cat lady status.

  3. Well rocker goth chick... I have to tell ya, that you and your blog put the biggest smile on my face today...! Thanks!

  4. Love it. Your blog is so happy today. Your dogs are adorable, and I agree cats really do Rawk!

  5. AWWWW- So sweet! I take it the cute terrier was the one that had to be put down? I'm so sorry for that, but perhaps he is with your mum.
    I've thought about it, evaluated it and... you still definitely rock!
    It strikes me how happy your crew looks. Fantastic stuff my friend. And you look as if you've weathered the storm with your grace and dignity and beauty well intact.

  6. cool dogs. Which dog is the smartest one?

  7. I am sorry but Snowbeast looks to me like a rock and roller - look at that long hair! Look at the mustache and beard! Hand him an electric guitar or some drumsticks and you'll see. He'll rock.

  8. Matriarchs rock. You just need a large, very expensive ring--emerald or ruby. Great family.

  9. I think Snowbeast could be a rocker at heart, all you need is to spike his hair a little and add a streak of color. That and the spiked collar should do it. ;)

    Beautiful dogs by the way...

  10. Hello all: yes, dogs are happy creatures. They make me happy too. It'll be a bit difficult getting away for a few days from now on, but that's well worth it - they give me a great deal of pleasure.

    I don't mind being a crazy cat lady: Grant, are you sure I need another one to qualify?

    Yes, PAMO. I'm sad to say it was the lovely little terrier, but she was sixteen which is a good innings by any standards. Thanks for the kind words.

    Israel: its the little yellow mongrel that's smartest. The others were barking at the guinea fowls in the field next door, but she was well aware of the three up the pine tree in my yard! The big dog is a bit of an airhead (though sweet).

    Dan: I'll get the necessary accessories this weekend. Let's see how he does. I was thinking that a bandanna with skull and crossbones on could be quite fierce too.

    hwfarber: A large, expensive emerald - I'll get to work on that! Glad you like my brothers and sisters.

    Ah TK: spike the hair... (makes note on piece of paper just under 'electric guitar'). They are lovely. I miss my mom, but she gave me a great little family that keep me too busy to mope.

  11. Love to see happy faces this time. ...reminiscin' the times when I had my dogs...

    Take care! :)

  12. I remember when they used to call me The Cat Lady.