Monday, December 13, 2010

An excuse to post some nice pictures

So these city slickers came to visit. Well, I wasn’t expecting them, and I pretty well knew they’d find the camping ground full, so I let them pitch their tent at the farm dam. My house is small, and both of them are motor mouths, so it wouldn’t have done to have them in the house.

As it was, I had to feign interest in something he called ‘The Human Pin Code’ – maybe it wasn’t explained to me all that well: it seemed to consist of sweeping statements that one’s hardly likely to disagree with like ‘You think about things and then act on them.’

I also did a good job of feigning interest in a gym program aimed at reducing her thighs which I couldn't see anything wrong with in the first place. She has a personal trainer. She has hundreds of pairs of earrings. She’s… well, she’s nice and has lots of personality, but she’s ‘city’.

Next day, they wanted to ‘do’ the forest, and accompanied this with tales of how they’ve ‘done’ this or that mountain or hike. I’ll confess to a twinge of mischief when I recommended the loveliest (and slipperiest) walk I know.

Well, I don’t know it so much as know someone who knows it well enough to do it: it’s pretty tricky and involves more scrambling over undergrowth and climbing up waterfalls than strolling. Just look at this:

I’m afraid it was a bit rough on her in particular, and he was rather scared in places though he tried not to show it, but after all the boasting about intrepid outdoorsmanship, they could hardly start complaining.

To be honest: parts of the walk scare me a bit too, although the worst one’ll get for a fall will be some grazes and bruises. I can say this because I’ve tried it: it’s well worth the risk (and the grazes).

In the end, they were quite pleased with the walk and were last seen heading off in search of beaches.


  1. You've got some attractive wooded areas there.

  2. Andrea, this is so beautiful! When I win the lottery I will come visit, camp outside your door and, please, take me here! I think of South Africa as all dry grass and lions, nice to see the water.

  3. You are such a stinker...I love it. Used to do your kind of walks, so beautiful...and I was almost propelled off the edge of a waterfall in my youth, before I managed to find a crack to wedge my heel into as I ever so gracefully was sliding to the edge and beyond, my heart frozen with fear, ha ha. Body doesn't cooperate so much anymore in the flexibility department, making waterfalls off limits now.

  4. hmmmmmmmmm what a dubious chickalet you are... LOL Remind me not too hop a plane and visit you any time soon.. ha ha ha!

    I have to admit tho, the scenery is amazing!

  5. That looks like a pretty adventurous place to go hiking. But, very beautiful.

  6. Beautiful pics, love the waterfall. Also love the deviousness and just think you've given your visitors something new to boast about, they have traversed your harrowing climb. ;)

  7. Basically, you're just evil. But nice.

  8. those pictures are fantastic! i don't know where you live, but i think i might like to camp in your yard. i'll try not to talk about my earrings.