Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Its time for something a little lighter, so I'm thinking of a poem I wrote when I was in my teens. I'm awful at poetry, so I really should inflict some on you. Brace yourself: barf bags at the ready! Here goes!

Filbert was a carpenter,
A man of some renown
He had a little corner shop
On the quiet side of town
One day, a block of solid teak
Sprouted legs and grew beak
Down it jumped from the storage shelf
Did a dance and shook itself
Imagine Filbert's great surprise
When it appeared before his eyes!

Then: 'Filbert!' it cried with a voice like a lash
'I want to know where you keep your cash!'
It grabbed up the safe and snaffled the key
And was off down the road just as fast as could be
The teak block ran as fast as it could
And soon you could smell the burning of wood
Filbert could see how before it got far
The teak was just a smear of ash on the tar.

And there is a moral in all this my sons:
If you're a blockhead, don't pull any fast ones!

Voila! Ridculosity rules!
More flowers - I haven't had time to do any non-work-related photography what with seven day work and suchlike.


  1. we can add some guitar & make it a song! If I am ever in South Africa I will bring my guitar & 8 track

  2. Fabulous! Can't wait to hear the finished song.
    Big grin here!

  3. Well, I think this is loads of fun and I love the idea of making it a song!

  4. I actually wrote some music to go to this & I don't know if the intention was for this to be an angry song but with the music I wrote it's pretty hard core!

  5. Hmm. Now I know why I've never tried writing pottery. Erm - poetry.

  6. A song? Coolies! I want to hear it, Karl! Would work well with a good, driving rhythm. I'm flattered that you tried it out. And you've got an 8 track! And here's me being all pleased because I've finally got an electronic tuner! Come jam! Come jam!

    Thanks all of you, and AW? Its not doggerel its mongrel.

    Yay back at you Ajax.