Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mystical dream interpretation

I had the oddest dream. There were lots of odd things about it, not least the fact that it was serialized. It took me three nights, that dream did, but I finally finished it last night.

Now, if you think about this dream, you might think that it has some significance. There are lots of things about it that might be significant. Then again, they probably aren’t: not significantly significant anyway. Doesn’t matter, at the very least, it signifies that I sleep.

In my dream, there were copies of me (yes, I know: impossible, I am far too amazing to be duplicated, but there they were). They stood on a red cliff inside a cave: red ambient lighting, very moody, very Dante-esque.

At first, there was just one simulacrum, but every time I made a choice between one course of action and another, yet another copy of me would appear on the cliff. It was very annoying and symbolic.

So I tried killing them with an axe (at this point the dream went into graphic novel mode and got quite arty) but the more of them I killed, the more sprang up. Eventually, I worked out that I had to kill the fake me’s in the correct order, starting with the first one to appear and ending with the last.

The problem with that was that they all looked the same (like me), so I had no way of knowing which one was which. In the end, it turned out that the copies of me had serial numbers chalked onto them, and I derived great satisfaction from dispatching the lot of them over the cliff with the help of the axe (which I’ve mentioned before).

Funny dream: very satisfying bumping off all those me’s, too, believe it or not.

I interpret this dream as signifying that I should probably not get an axe.

Today's pic: circa 2007, but I am still capable of this, and therefore anything.


  1. Wow. In addition to not getting an axe...perhaps you feel reborn after the last crazy six months, that you have conquered some part of yourself. I love dreams and all the ways to interpret them..Isn't it weird when you meet someone who doesn't remember their dreams? My life would be so boring without mine...obviously your dreams are pretty awesome too!

  2. Always fleece their pockets and get the money before you push them off the cliff. That's what I do. So far your clones have not entered my dreams but they are welcome any time! I suspect they were all smokers and that is what you are trying to kill. I gave up giving up!

  3. that's an intense 3 part dream mini-series! are you sure it's really done? there might be a part 4 tonight when you fall asleep.

  4. I love dream interpretation. I'll have to think about this. Sleep well.

  5. Do you have problems with indecisions, lol! I've dreamed what I call movie set dreams. Each night I keep adding more to the same dream until the story is complete...weird. Hope you're doing better each day. Just wanted to let you know that I lost Jesse last week :(

  6. I had a dream that probably involved an axe. I had a bunch of people parts in my trunk. But they weren't me. I love having interesting dreams!

  7. Was one of your copies wacky and possibly mentally disabled?

    The first thing I think of when I read this is Multiplicity.

  8. Such a cool dream. I had one the other day that felt like the start of a great story. Only I have forgotten it! Good thing I told my wife - hopefully she will remember. -- No. Writing it down is what they'd be expecting me to do.

  9. Dreams are good, if we can remember them, then they can be a clue to many things in our lives. Hope you are able to interpret your dreams and use it positively in your life.

  10. Hello Ajax: Yes, I always think it very strange when people say they never remember dreams. I always have!

    Jerry: They're copies of me, silly. They haven't a cent to their names! ARGGGGH. I miss smoking!

    Sherilin - No, that was it for that one. After that I dreamed about something else instead.

    Hallie: I know that dreams are messages from the subconscious: I just wish it'd be a bit more straightforward!

    Clipped Wings: I'm so sorry to hear about Jessie. No-one could have done more for her than you did, but I know that being ready doesn't make one any less sad when the time comes.

    MAS: I'm glad it's not just me who has dreams like that!

    A Beer for the Shower. They're copies of me remember. They're all a bit whacky (although tests have shown, not certifiable) and they love beer. :)

    Dan: I hope you get your story back and then WRITE IT DOWN for gosh sakes! How else am I to enjoy it? Tease!

    Rama: Yes, I think I know what this one means to me. Thanks! :)

  11. I agree with the dream interpretation.