Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pudding for lunch

As you may know, I’m halfway through a six week stretch of supposed-to do nothing while I recover from my hysterectomy. One’d think that all this idle ease would provide me with the time to reach great heights.

I’ve always blamed lack of time for not doing so. It’s a useful excuse, and I’ve always half-believed it. ‘Master astrophysics?’ I might for instance say ‘Oh, I never had the time, really.’

Now, suddenly, the humdrum world is on hold and my mind is free to soar. It ought to soar if it was a soaring kind of mind, oughtn’t it? I should be dashing off delightful ditties and doggrel, writing reams and reams laden with gems of wit and wisdom and the occasional chicken bone (just for variety). I should be pondering and postulating – things like that.

It’s not happening, though, and that takes me back to one of my pet theories – the one about my head being completely empty. Well, it stands to reason. When I close my eyes and sort of roll them around to take a look, I see absolutely nothing. It’s pitch black in there, I tell you, and it’s a wonder my head doesn’t implode.

I think (though how I did that with an empty skull is a miracle of science) that my head just automatically fills itself up with whatever is about: a sort of circumstantial osmosis. At present, my main concerns are dominated by my bowel movements and what I’ll eat next, confirming my suspicion that I could be defined as a complicated tube with delusions of grandeur.

I think I’ll have the left over pudding for lunch.

Today's pic: a very small picture of nothing much.


  1. You are so funny, Andrea, when does your book come out? It is an art, doing nothing and takes practice. Enjoy the experience!

  2. Sound's like your spending recovery time in exactly the right fashion.

    Chocolate pudding?

  3. It's body AND mind. What's important right now is that your body recovers--keep eating and pooping. I've always felt that the mind takes longer to recover from surgery than the body--there's something mind-boggling about putting your life in the hands of others (surgeons).

  4. Mmmmm puddin.

    Great brain food! ;-)

  5. You're the one in recovery and I really needed to read your post today!
    I agree with Hallie, your brain is in recovery too and not only from the surgery.
    Your glorious sense of humor continues to shine and you remain still a wordsmith of the grandest order.
    Keep eating pudding is my advice! (And, yeah, that pooping thing is really important!)

  6. Awesome. What I've found is that when I have nothing to do, I have nothing to write about. We need stuff going on in our lives to have thoughts about those events, which is funny, because that's when we don't have time to write them down. You're not alone empty headedness though, I also close my eyes, look around, and see nothing.

  7. Pudding is a good choice!

    I have major problems when I have not enough time, but that is nothing compared to when I have too much time. I don't know what to do with myself, and then nothing is done.

    I hope the echo in your skull of these words isn't too bad during your recovery. And I'm with Pamo: Poop. That's important.

  8. i crave weeks of enforced nothingness, but perhaps it wouldn't be as much fun as i imagine in my mind.
    i hope your poop comes out all right. you could always try a stool softener if you need to, you know, to make it the consistency of your pudding.