Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Happiness is

Well, I’ve had some of my insides removed, and as you can imagine, it’s jolly sore. What’s more, it’s ever such a bore lying in bed the whole time and so I’m very happy to find that I can sit fairly comfortably for a bit today. It probably won’t be for all that long though. Sitting hurts.

I’ve stopped smoking too. I’ve never managed to stop for as much as a day in the last twenty-five years, but then I was stuck in hospital for a few days, and I decided not to smoke again thereafter. Sigh. I miss it, you know. It almost feels like I’ve lost part of my self.

There are four and a bit weeks before I’m allowed to do anything ‘strenuous’. The doctor defines that as what I usually call ‘moving about and doing stuff’, so I have to be careful not to move about or do stuff.

All in all, though, I’ve been lucky. I have a neat little cut that hasn’t gone all oozy, and I’m told my op was an absolute doddle to do, which I’m assuming means it went well. People have been kind, too, and helpful beyond any expectation. I’m having it easy.

It is, however, the sorest sore I’ve ever had in my entire life and I haven’t even had the bill yet: sufficient unto the day the evil thereof. For now, my outlook remains sunny-ish and the future seems, if not bright, then at least mildly effulgent.

I’m assuming (perhaps rather optimistically) that after having lived through my mother’s illness, her death, my diagnosis, my brother’s accusations of fraud and my surgery, all in the last six months, I’m due for a little bit of peace and quiet.

I’m hoping that this will reflect in my blog, which will regress from being a rant against outrageous fortune, to being the random mutterings and occasional brain-farts it was in better days.

One important thing I’ve learned: Happiness is the ability to lie on one’s side when one wants to.

Today's pic: something happy. Note: it is lying on its side. Proof positive!


  1. Hi,
    Welcome back we all missed you very much. I am so glad you are able to have this positive attitude, despite the soreness, which I too believe like you, that it will soon vanish.
    We have to keep looking at the good side, your operation went off well, and the soreness and the discomfort: this too shall pass away....
    Have a speedy recovery, love, Rama.

  2. Andrea, you have been missed terribly, I am so glad you are back! Really, there are easier weight loss programs on the market! I imagine you in a bed covered in white cotton sheets with mosquito netting everywhere and surrounded by servants catering to your every whim! Well, I hope so anyway!

  3. Yeah! You're back AND you are in recovery mode!!! I am SO HAPPY!!!
    I've really missed you and have been worried too. Just knowing you are on the mend has made my day.
    I've missed your beautiful and funny writing too. And of course I've missed your fabulous photographs!
    Welcome back, welcome back!!!

  4. Sounds like a rough 6 months. But you seem to be on the mend!

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  6. Great to see your voice this morning! Please do take care to mind those doctors, as I don't think I could stand another long absence on your blog! <3

  7. Take care, MM. You're in my thoughts x

  8. Didn't they give you lots of happy pills, aka goofballs? That's supposed to be the upside of doctors - getting access to the good drugs.

  9. I am so glad you're back and well - I was concerned and kind of suspected the worst, given where you had left off. And I am thrilled that despite the jolly soreness, everything is doddle to do and mildly effulgent! If, though, that is a recent picture of you that you have placed at the start of this blog, you need a shave.

  10. Welcome back!! Great to see you! Hope you feel better every day and recover quickly. But, don't try to do too much too soon.

  11. Take care and rest up. You have your furry babies for company. Missed you much, and so glad you're back, even if it's just for a bit.

  12. I am so glad you're back. If we could all remember that happiness is about the small things--we don't miss them until they're taken away. Keep that sunny-ish outlook, but we'll need an occasional rant.

  13. Nice to see you back darlin, albeit sore, sorry to hear that you are so sore. But I thought I would just say you were missed my friend! I am looking forward to seeing how your blog changes. And with all the crap you have been thru in the last 6 months, I hope that it is all but happiness from now on! Congrats on the quit smoking part!

  14. Hello Rama! Yes it's good to be back and to see more of your travel posts.

    Jerry: You're right about the mosquito net, at least! I'm thriving, thanks.

    PAMO: Yay! Thanks for the big welcome. I missed you too.

    Ajax:Thanks! It's good to be back, and to hear your news too.

    A: Thanks :)

    Grant: I went National Health so they don't even give you enough morphine to make you feel a little bit high. What a rip off!

    Dan: Yes, I have rather been letting myself go!

    Jay: Thanks for the mind welcome. I'll be careful...

    Clipped Wings. I'm hoping I'm to be back regularly! What a ahame I couldn't comment on your blog with the spring pictures. I tried and tried.

    Halliw: You can count on me! :)

    Girl who is not Average: Thanks for your good wishes! I'm DYING for a smoke!