Saturday, April 24, 2010

Why George isn't Fred

Town's name is George, right? Well, of course it had to do with sucking up to the conquerer of the time, didn't it? Funny place with British-sounding street names: Victoria and Albert streets, appropriately side by side, Meade street, Courtney street and Hope street which runs past the dusty cemetery. Everything that is British, with Afrikaans spoken on every side.
It nestles in greenery surrounded by mountains with the sea just a hop and a skip to the East. It bustles... a little. The older people say that it has grown too big, and the younger ones complain that its too small for there to be much of a night life.

I like it, though. I like the fact that tall buildings aren't allowed, and the streets are lined with Oak, Plane and Maple or shaded by Yellow woods. I like the way you can look up and see the mountains no matter where you are. I like the Chinese shops near the taxi-rank and the street vendors and the colourfulness of the passing parade.

I like Zanzi-bar, a pub with a huge oak tree outside which throws acorns at you while you have your sundowner. That has to be the best thing in George: sitting on the deck and getting pelted with acorns while you enjoy the beer and the breeze and watch the traffic on the York street circle.

When I lived in Malelane, the favorite activity was cuddling the air conditioner and hoping you wouldn't have to go outside. The best thing about that place was not getting Malaria. I like it here, but I still think that George should be Fred.

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  1. Nice pictures kid! Makes ya wanna move to George. It's purdy....