Friday, February 18, 2011

I resume my blogging vice

Now then, folks, I’m sort of back, probably on a fairly frequent basis until I have my op and am transformed from a healthy (if overworked and stressed out) individual into a bedridden wreck for a few weeks.

This, however, is good, and I look forward to the rest and navel-contemplation that will surely ensue.

The last weeks have been as full as a porn star in a threesome thanks to trip to Cape Town with my frenetic boss to see some customers and get stuck in traffic. My boss is a lark in traffic.

‘Why are they hooting at me?’ she cries in a tone of injured virtue while a solid wall of moving metal threatens us with sudden death.

‘Er… I think it’s because you’re supposed to give way to oncoming traffic when turning right’ (Note: We drive on the left like the good old British. Sings the Marsellais. Oops that’s wrong. Never mind)

We had some fun with vehicle electrical problems too. Taking the owner of the business to meet important clients who get to see us push starting our pickup after each appointment tickles my funny bone for some reason.

We ended up stranded in Strand (an area of Cape Town) while our motor’s innards got ripped out and replaced with other innards that would take a day to arrive.

Anyway, it worked out well in the end (Read: ‘I now have a shitload of work to do on top of the stuff that I was already employed for ie growing plants’)

Oh. And I had the beast of a cold / flu. I wish one could plan flu in one’s diary ‘Flu? Must I? Oh well then let’s say we’ll do it on the third and fourth of March, shall we?’

However, all is not beastly. I have Found the Witnesses to my Mother’s Will (dramatic capitalization excusable): a constable and an inspector of the Stanford police force, none less. Am I a nasty person for not telling my brother in case he decides to spend money on contesting the will on the grounds that I wrote it? Perhaps.

Ooooh! I feel so wicked!

Now where was I?

Oh yes: cock a hoop, overjoyed and gloating like a villain. Now I have to go and blow my nose.

Eh? The pic? Part of table mountain, of course!


  1. I was wondering where you have disappeared. I was thinking about you and your problems with your brother today and it worked like telepathy, for you came to my blog. Let me say you would feel very good after the forced rest and come back all recharged. Wish you all the very best. Take care.

  2. Glad to see you're back.
    I don't think you're evil at all. You're doing what you have to because it's the right thing.
    Still, it is fun to get in touch with the inner Cruella, isn't it? :)

  3. I'm always glad when I hear of ruralites confronting the trials and tribulations of the cities. Well, it's only fair you should experience, if only in small measure, the pains and frustrations us metropolitans endure on a year round basis. Cackle.

    I'm also glad to hear you're about to get much-needed alone-time, though I'd wish it in better circumstances. Still, time alone is quality time, so enjoy and heal.

    Blogging as a vice? If you accept narcissism as inherent in personal blogging then I suppose it is, although that's an outmoded viewpoint. Too much humility serves only those who stand to gain (priests, kings, politicians)... ooops! I'm getting on my soap-box again... sorry. Anyway, love yourself and keep on blogging.


  4. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you. You're BACK!!! Damn woman... I MISSED YOU.

    (Loved your post as always.)

  5. Yes, glad that you are back! I've missed your
    maundering missives! Thought you might be busy with revolutions going on all over the place and all.

  6. Welcome back!!! I was wondering how long you would be gone. Glad it wasn't too long.

  7. I'm glad you're back; you sound like you're ready for whatever comes your way. I love that you found Witnesses--you can laugh if your brother contests and spends his money.

  8. Love the fact that you are 'back' MM. Have lost two comments so this is, hopefully, third time lucky although it will only be to let you know I have visited.

  9. Yay!!! You've returned. *big grin*

  10. Good to hear from you again!! What an adventure - your life. Here is some sound advice from a virtual friend (please listen): Don't be sure that your brother doesn't start reading this blog if he considers you to be an adversary. If there is something that you do not wish for him (or his attorney) to find out, remove it from this blog. You are right to hold your cards tight.

  11. Rama: Thank you for thinking of me!
    A: I LOVE my inner Cruella! :)
    Ronald: Actually, the big city is novel enough for me to still be entertaining! It's a bit much, though.

    Not too worried about healing yet, but it will be my main activity in a bit more than two weeks. Oooer.

    Blogging: sheer self-indulgence. Sheer vice

    PAMO: My goodness! It IS nice to be back :)

    Stonepost: Not revolutions, although the leeches in the dam were quite revolting!

    Jay: Thanks, man! It's good to be at it again!

    Hallie: Yes, it's a laff innit? Less amusing before I found them - but a wheeze now!

    Chez: Thanks for your persistence!

    Ajax: Big grins back.

    Dan: Doubt my brother will ever find my blog - tis a masterpiece of anonymnity - agh, and if he does, too bad. Here's another chuckle: he wrote to his lawyer saying he knew mum was cross with him for his latest property deal (With accompanying debt) and his lawyer forwarded that message to my lawyer. Doesn't matter what he knows, if he fights me, he'll come short!

    Not so Simply: It IS a nice mountain, isn't it?